Violet Evergarden Review: The stunning visual details, from flowers blooming to morning dew, describing the growth

Violet Evergarden This film acts as a beautiful final for this series, which can supply itself as a great touching story for the newcomers to the series, but the film is not entirely perfect. With the long film, this new feature acts as the last chapter for the previous television series.

The film can present viewers at any speed while also painting beautiful images for the automatic doll world. And tools to help Positively affect the lives of the people around them.

For those who might not get used to Violet Evergarden as a franchise:

Purple Tituler has initially been a soldier for his land, falling in love with Gilbert “High-up”. During the war, Violet lost his arm while believing that the subsequent explosion had also killed his love.

Using his status as an “automatic doll” and his new mechanical arm, Violet will work with a new task: writing a letter for those who need to message the people they love.

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First and foremost, following a short primer, the true strength of the last chapter of Violet Evergarden in its animation, with facial features and background characters for the environment, appear on the screen.

Kyoto’s animation has some serious talent in their hands because they have perfected their ability to revive for years. With Violet Evergarden, this film must be one of the slickest production to date.

Their animation works well in selling certain character emotions because the film is full of moments that jerking tears that can be captured by Kyoto, hammering the house how difficult the franchise is at that time.

This film is not difficult for new franchise fans to wrap their heads:

Because the extended adventure features do a fantastic job working back and passing the storyline into the film without making him feel forced or there.

Meanwhile, indeed, some characters might not get the correct number of screen times. The last chapter can provide a strong story that utilizes most characters well. While also providing fans of the series some prizes follow along with the original episode.

One of the main fallows of Violet Evergarden in this film is that, while each story is Tearjerker in their own right, they feel cut off from each other. Violet himself was struggling with the idea that his lost love.

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Whose illness gave him limited time before he roamed outside. Among the top of these two storylines, the film was also ordered by a trip. To the future to paint pictures of how Violet finally spent his days.

The stories themselves are strong, making it even more frustrating, so they almost feel.

As if they are three individual episodes. But in the end, they are minor complaints because each of their stories can achieve their emotional steps.

This film mainly follows Violet through the film, giving viewers a better idea of ​​how “automatic dolls” struggled to find themselves while also found the way to the future.

The power of animation can run far not only in conveying violet emotions. But showing off its status as “dolls”. Especially using its mechanical hands to type sincere messages. Those are to be sent to their client’s family and friends. Telling us more about his character than maybe other things.

Violet’s primary motivation was when he tried to find whether love in his life:

Gilbert Bougainvillea really managed to survive the war that lost his arm doll. Even though there are one or two moments where this central bow can drag while also feeling a little predictable. If this is not your first rodeo in anime media, upstaging pushes forward by animation and knocking characters.

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Violet Evergarden This film is a love letter to fans of the anime franchise. And do fantastic work to calm the two series followers and newcomers. Even though it can be rough around the edges, it is a film that is definitely worth the time. Have you ever heard of the previous series or not?