Sunflower Review: Sunil Grover-Starrer Web Series offers us interesting characters but the plot never gives an appointment

Bodies and two suspects. There is something seen guilty since leaving. And then there is a mystery. With a hidden motive. Are they involved in the murder? Or, are they just a usual suspect and more than that to fill the eyes?

Sunflower, the latest ZEE5 web series made by Vikas Bahl, attracted you from the beginning. The suburban housing community faces chaos as a resident. Raj Kapoor gets killed, and the police started their investigation.

Sonu Singh sales manager (Sunil Grover) is a clear suspect:

With the evidence stacked against him. Neighbor Kapoor Dr. Ahuja (beat Chaddha) was also on the radar because of his suspicious behavior. As the Digendur Inspector (Ranvir Shorey) and Tambe (Girish Kulkarni) began their investigation, the case became complicated with Kapoor’s wife, playing by Shonali Nagrani, entering the scene.

The best Mystery Thriller nature is you can’t see the bend coming from a mile. They hide their secrets well, but simultaneously, they let you satisfy your crime-solving instructions for itching.

If they make it too tricky. The frustration is set; Too easy, and you are bored. Sunflowers try to walk in this luxury line, but it’s not a smooth journey.

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In one of the interviews, in front of the release of Sunflower, Sunil Grover said he could not put the web series in a particular genre because it had “sensations, humor and dark comedy.”

Although not by all these brackets, the development of the character of Sunflower is its strength. Grover characters from Sonu Singh take the cake. Vikas Bahl has made it a perfect blend of Quirkiness and Innocence. He is not a neighbor or colleague as usual. If at some time you doubt the intention, the next time you sympathize with him. Glad to see Grover in the role of a substance.

Mapping Chadda as a school teacher interpreted you.

He reacts impulsive and angry. He dominated his wife and blamed him for living his life in danger because he did not move fast on Karva Chauth. With him, everything is not what they seem to be, and he is not who he is. But the tension he creates does not come out.

Talking about other characters, Ashish Vidhyarthi played Dilip Dilip Iyer, a candidate for Sunflower leadership. The maker explores the prejudice that is still valid in the community – stigma around women who divorce, single women, homosexuals, and religions.

Then, his daughter Paddy Iyer (Ria Nalavde) gave insight into young thoughts and a young child’s concern. Gurleen and Justina’s characters are also examples of such stereotypical women in our society.

Kudos to Bahl gives us strained characters, but Arcs are interesting separately. Most of the characters and the following plot do not add something substantial to the main plot, leaving a series without actual purpose.

The eight-episode series raised me at first but never conveyed his promise. Sunflowers can be zany’s journey full of unique characters, but too high plots fail to keep us connected. It has a lot of potential wasted.

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Some characters are fun to track:

Sonu, for example, has a careful morning ritual: He steps outside his flat, his friends through his door holes, fixes mats, scans the opposite apartment, and takes the elevator. Even though he has gained a dramatic role for a while, this is Sunil’s first fortune-teller series as a clue. He lent cunning quality, slimy to Sonu. And seems to be in harmony. With the default wealth of characters.

But the show played it safely, giving him a scene after mirthless slapstick scene. In one, he is pursuades by a taxi driver. In the others, he lost his pants in the toilet. This is a comedy night again – minus the comedy. The second feature of Queen, Vikas, bragged some of the funniest Hindi film lines ever written. Sunflowers immerse his head compared.