Austin Mass Shooting Case: 1 of the two suspects is arrested, who bailed around 14 lives in danger

The police have arrested one suspect and looked for another after the mass shooting in downtown Austin Street who were busy leaving 14 people injured. Two of them were critical.

In the news release, the Austin Police Department said that the U.S. Marshals, the Star Fugitive Task Force, helped make arrests on Saturday but did not provide other details besides saying it continued to follow up on the significant prospects.

Interim police chief Joseph Chacon said the shooting occurred around 1:30 a.m. on the road packed with bar and released from vehicle traffic. He said the investigator believed it began as a dispute between two parties.

Chacon said the two suspects were men but refused to reveal details such as whether they fired a shot, saying the investigation was underway. “Most of the victims are innocent observers, but we still sort out all the victims to see what their involvement in this matter,” said Chacon.

Massak Shooting – One of the least three in the U.S. Overnight – triggering panic along 6th Street. The purpose of the famous nightlife in the city is home to the University of Texas One, Matt Perlstein. To the KXAN-TV, he was waiting for a friend to enter the bar during a shot erupt.

“Everything is fine,” Perlstein said, then the shot erupted. “We just heard like … a group of shots left. Everyone goes up to the ground. We can’t even understand what happened at that time.”

Chacon said his office responded quickly to the area. “They can immediately begin the steps to save life for many of these patients, including the Tourniquets application; chest seal application,” he said.

Because of the chaos on Jalan Barriturade, the police advanced six people. Who was injured in the hospital in their troops? The ambulance transported four people, and four others made their way to the hospital, he said.

Governor Greg Abbott stated to thank the police and other first respondents and offered prayer to the victims. Abbott said the State Public Security Department helped in the investigation, and Chacon said the FBI and alcohol bureau, tobacco, and firearms also helped.

One person was dead, and 13 others were injured in a mass shooting in the entertainment area of ​​downtown Austin on Saturday morning.

The Austin Police Department identified the victims killed when Douglas John Office, 25, gave up on his Sunday afternoon injuries. Other victims are registered in critical conditions, and 12 are in a stable condition, the Austin Police Department said. More than 12 hours after the shootout happend, the department has announced Saturday night that one of the two suspects was being held. The U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Force helped with arrests, police department said.

“We will continue to work on this case and follow up on the lead to arrest the remaining suspects,” the department said in a statement. Interim police chief Joseph Chacon has not released more information about two suspects but previously said he was sure the two men would be detained.

After the shot was reported at 1:24 in the morning. Local time, “a large crowd” spread, police department said. The shootout does seems to be an isolated incident between the two parties.