‘Sooryavanshi’ Review: Akshay Kumar will certainly do anything to save Aryan

In Rohit Shetty’s long-awaited film – and that’s not just another adjective in this case. Arshay’s Vir Soryavanshi, an anti-terrorist officer (ATS), sets out to meet Mumbai, India, and his son Arian and others. Like him to save.

He defeats the scammers, chasing the potential terrorists. Who park on the roof to protect his son Arian and others like him. Even if it sometimes means a misunderstanding that he has put his duty above all else.

This time the conflict in Rohit Shetty’s Chengen universe is terrorism.

Vir is married to Ria (Katrina Kaif) and has a son Arya. Since Katrina and Aki participated together, some mandatory songs and dances had to be added. The couple is constantly chirping on screen, so it’s a replica of Barsa Pani’s Tip anyway banta hi.

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Another story is that Kat while gliding very seriously, will remind you of Raveena Tandon’s still unmatched charisma. Another song, Najaa, was also recorded. Which we can imagine – to give you a chance to check your phone and answer the critical lyrics. Because once the song is over and the bumps – and the cars – fly. You will no longer be able to take your eyes off the screen.

The Mumbai bombings in 1993 left several scars. And around 600 kg of hexogen was buried in an undiscovered location on Indian soil. To shake your memory, Family Man, Season 1 had a similar conflict. With Manoj Bajpayi taking a similar lead into Kashmir, stopping the attack but not cutting Plan B to its core.

At Sooryavanshi, Akshay’s Veer has a similar job apart from a much bigger production budget. The background music that fits the beat with every shot and fracture. And he is backed by Javed Jafri, the head of ATS. And finally Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn) and Sangram Bhalerao (Ranvier Singh).

Even though the two only arrive at the final climax. And receive corresponding entries in Ajay’s spinning jeep and Ranvir’s scorpion crashing into a wall. They get enough screen time not to take Vir Soryavanshi from debutant in the cop universe.

The result, of course, is a 30-minute car highlight:

And men hover over more cars and men, bombs go off like Diwali fireworks in Noida despite the ban. And the music reaches a loud peak. But don’t complain, sit in your chair, check your phone.

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Even sip your coffee even though it’s cold in the cup holder. Because Rohit Shetty holds your attention so tightly. Of course, he has Akshay Kumar’s ability to place his magnum opus. Magnum opus, may I say that? It’s okay. Just keep watching.

So when Aki, surrounded by Ajay and Ranvir, fights for good, secularism. The Desh’s ideas beyond religion, foil, borderline to Uss Paar, must be equally threatening, cruel and senseless.

Badla is what they’re looking for – no point, you guessed it, and therefore the Batwara that takes place in 1947. On these guys’ heads from the front is Jackie Shroff, who will remind you of Hilal Kohistani from Mission Kashmir. This time, like Lashkar Khan, he is also obsessed but brave.

Here, at the risk of spoiler leaks, we’re going to say watch out for that one scene. Between Singham Ajay and Han Jackie and see if you can get a hint about the next movie in the universe from cop Rohit Shetty.

Nothing in the acting department has a real downside because this man. And this woman, Katrina, we mean — is so comfortable with this writing that they have an advantage at home.

The dialogue is bold, if not humorous, and optimally delivered this way. For example, when Ajay gets out of a rotating jeep, Akshay says, “Ala Dev, Gun Gheo (with, in Marathi)”. Or when the youngest Simba calls the other two “Purana Chaval” and adds the time of Apna ayega. Laughing, smiling and fun guaranteed.

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And isn’t that the point of Rohit Shetty’s film?

This film is not for you, who sit and analyze Sooryavanshi and compare it to anything other than Rohit Shetty’s other films. Sooryavanshi is a complete paisa vasool. Rohit Shetty did precisely what he promised a year and a half ago in March 2020.

After months of delays and debate over whether Sooryavanshi should have been released on OTT or whether the makers were right to wait for theatres to reopen to full audience brilliance, is this film worth the wait? The answer is yes – with the Sooryavanshi sound effect in the background, of course.