“Honsla Rakh” Review: A cute plot centred around a family, including a celebrity, two stunning girls and a charming and talented boy

The comic book plot centred on a family with a star, two amazing girls, and a charming and talented child is the perfect script choice that delivers the expected fun. Fortunately, Honsla Rakh seizes the opportunity well and uses the four elements to live up to high expectations and make a very entertaining film.

Amarjit Singh directs the film follows a typical format:

Starting with a song and introducing the premise and critical characters. Slowly one learns the current and past history of single father Yankee Singh (Diljit) and his son Honsla (Shinda Grewal). Who announce their divorce from Sweety (Shehnaaz Gill).

The opening time of the film is gradually getting more intense and not just laughs, with fun sequences at regular intervals. But what continues is the excellent chemistry between Diljit and the lively kid Shinda, which warrants a smile on our faces.

The script changes after Jasmine (Sonam Bajwa) takes a good shot before the break and lights up the screen with her signature presence. That way, the second half was much better than Diliit, Shinda, and Sonam had a great time while Shehnaz bounced back, resulting in chaotic fun. The climax is very similar to the movie Smip Kang, which is made under a false identity.

Despite becoming predictable with familiar songs, Honsla Rakh works. Because of its engaging comic book storytelling, well-written dialogue, and highly entertaining performances. Led by the youngest star Shinda, the cast stood out towards the end, and the boy acted brilliantly without showing any signs of nervousness.

With Diljit, Sonam, Shehnaz, he won hearts, and the audience had a lot of fun:

Especially in the last 30 minutes of the film, which ended happily. With China being the son of Gippie Greval. It’s great to see a superstar sterilize another movie superstar’s son in Punjab. And spread the positive vibes in the trade.

As a loss, while Sonam’s fans will miss her in the first half. Shehnaz’s fans will feel the same way as she disappears before climaxing in most of the second half. In this way, the director maintains a good balance between the roles of two stunning beauties. In general, Honsla Rah may not be a great new experience in terms of subject or presentation. Nevertheless, the film knows its target audience and presents it perfectly as a fun family film.

It’s a really big day for all the Shehnaaz Gill fans as his film Honsla Rakh was released in theatres. On the occasion of the Düsser trade show. After cinemas in northern India reopened following the blockade pandemic. Shehnaaz fans flocked to see their beloved on the big screen. This marks Shehnaaz’s first release since the sudden death of the supposedly handsome Siddhart Shukla in September.

Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa and Shinda Grewal also took part in the Punjabi-Rom-Com.

One social media user tweeted, “I’m watching #HonslaRakh for my little girl @ishehnaaz_gill. I love cha gai sana movie. I’m so proud of you, Shehnaaz hui PADI hai about all great movies @diljitdosanjh and Shinda love them together hi Shandar Banai hai movie #HonslaRakh #ShehnaazGill. Another fan added that he, along with everyone else in the theatre, had been acting throughout Shehnaaz’s recording: “My Shehnaaz ki entry whistling chikh rha theatre pura.”

Finalist Bigg Boss 13 is going through a tough time. After losing his close friend Siddhart Shukla to a heart attack on the September 2, 2021. His fans, who have supported him all along, also tweeted that they supported him in Siddhartha’s absence. “The strongest baby, the shining star. Your day is the day, Honsla Rakh is already a hit. I send all my love and best wishes, shine and smile the best,” wrote one fan. Some also shared local media reports that Honsla Rah had “arms openings” in Punjab and Delhi.