‘Sanak’ Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal retains the “Greatest Action Star” label but loses control of the plot

The happy couple has terrible days when the woman is diagnosed with a rare heart problem. A terrorist attack on a hospital leaves her hostage, and her husband. Who is a former MMA coach, must save his wife from the bad guys. An operation which cures him, but fate has other plans.

This is the action genre in the Hindi cinema which is still in a particular market.

The stars who really have dedicated themselves to this craft are easily counted on your fingers. Vidyut Jammwal is definitely at the top of that list, and his fans are always waiting for him to take action.

Even relatives do it. A film that takes in a hospital as the battlefield manages to have a really unique base. But what about the actual plot? Have we forgotten that there must be some more unique elements in the plot?

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Ashish P. Verma is best known as the writer of the film. After 22 minutes of shooting, the film reaches the stage where the action begins. It is now really evident that everything that has happened in those 22 minutes time was just an accumulation of the drama that we are about to experience.

But if you let this time seem like an innumerable countdown of the main actors, too short with hilarious chemistry, everything seems lazy.

At this point, it was like surviving in a crowd and being in vain, just enjoying how Vidyut contracted his muscles most incredibly. While relying solely on the war series to win over audiences, the writers forgot that they created a world for anyone to attack. Vidyut keeps having anxiety attacks.

Why? Do you have problems with clarity? No! Rukmini, also known as Anshika, suddenly turned to martial arts. Do we know she knows? No! The couple is cute together, but has their seemingly fascinating history been explored further? No!

In addition, writing allows 10-to 10-year-olds to learn a lot about weapons.

He knows how to use it. Believe it or not, he even knows how to neutralize a bomb factory belonging to a group of highly skilled and duly trained terrorists who have been planning this attack for four months. Eventually, the Mumbai police turned the operation over to civilians. You’re not judging them for letting go of logic.

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Vidyut Jamval reiterates that his throne is the most significant action star. He attacks evevryone with his lightning speed and kills people with his bare hands. The magic is to make everything look so believable. His smile also has charm. Fans will surely like it too.

Rukmini Maitra, who made her Bollywood debut, showed great promise in the role assigned to her. Your chemistry with Vidyut is fascinating, and I wanted the creators to give the audience a bit more.

Chandan Roy Sanyal acts as a potent antagonist on screen and makes a lot of promises. But over the time, he takes on advantage of the eccentric characteristics of the mad villain and turned his good looks into a cartoon.

Neha Dhupia suffered a similar fate.

The actor enters in the film as a police officer with a strong personality. But when he decides to stare at the surveillance screen and let the civilians attack the terrorist group, you can’t stop your disbelief.

Kanishk Varma focuses on directing to show how phenomenal the lead actor is at what he does. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s a bit slow without focusing on anything else.

However, Andy Long Nguyen the action director has done most of the work . Starting with Jammwal, he designed an unprecedented action and scenes. He is also intelligent enough to use other people to aid his actions. The two most prominent sequences were one in the MRI room and the other in the physiotherapy ward.

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Vidyut Jammwal is actually the main reason to watch Sanak, but that may not be the film’s only appeal. Even though the plot is flat, it can develop in the same way.