‘Mohandas’ Review: The most appropriate presentation of the life adolescent life of Mahatma Gandhi

The P Sheshadris Mohandas award director returned to Bapu’s childhood. The touch of the Midas Director and the extraordinary work of the technical team and the show was made for an interesting presentation from Gandhi when he was a child, happy at his world.

Coincides with the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi:

The first biopsy of the Sheshadri director is based on two books. Some early chapters of Gandhiji autobiography. My experimental story with the truth, and Paapu Gandhi Bapu Gandhi Aada Kathe was written by Bolwa Mahamad Kunhi.

With about 90 minutes, Mohandas arrested the 18th century life and time in Porbandar and Rajkot. The story starts at the storm night. When young Mohandas Gandhi had a nightmare and tried to recognize all the sins he had done to his parents. The story then showed his struggle to accept his shortcomings.

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When he remembered that time and how he gave up every time. This film, which displays several stories from the autobiography of Gandhi who experimented with the truth used in the script. This is the story of repentance and awareness of sin.

The film has several young people who witness most of the time. In front of the screen and do some serious work. Anant Mahadevan and Shruti played Gandhi’s parents and thrown accordingly. Make a movie with a simple budget and show.

But the technical team ensures authenticity, both with a set, background assessment, or camera work. The message must be transmitted. Mohhandas is not a brave story, but remains loyal to the style of the director being a favorite at the Film Festival. It offers a rare glimpse into the life of Mahatma. Look if you like non-standard movies and not too commercial.

We saw Thunderbolt Gandhiji, nicknamed Mohnia (Samart Hombal) by his family:

Who is influenced by his friends to smoke, eat meat, steal, and lie to cover his bad habits. The film experienced a change that began to be experienced when developing awareness. Capturing Mohnia’s guilt and intense regret. While writing the truth to his father (Anant Mahadevan) in the heart of the story. Which aims to explain part of the young life of the Mahatma discussed.

Damage to this film is Gandhi’s father forgives his mistakes. And make mahatma understand the value of truth and without violence. This film also shows how two mythological stories. Satya Harisandra and Shravanakumara – significantly impact on Gandhiji’s life and how they helped him handle the situation. He also has a brief overview of his marriage and his life with the Kasturi Bay.

First of all, the latest props, accompanied by some rare Gandhi photos, attracted the attention of the audience. Given the main character universality, Sheshadri ensures that the film was released not only in Canada. But also in Hindi and English.

Known for his expertise and attention to detail:

The director has tried hard to reflect this century mood. Thank you also to Artistic Director Hosman Murty for bringing the authenticity of the era. The players also attended, especially Paramswami.

Who plays Mohnia as a child, and Samart. Which perfectly reflects the personality of Mohandas’s teenager. Even though there are only briefly, there is a good show from Anant Mahadevan, who plays Karamchand Gandhi, and Shruti as Putli Bai.

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Music Director of Pravin Godkindi and Cameraman GS Bhaskar is very important, which enriches films with background and images. Mohandas may be children’s films. But his appeal does not seem to have an age limit for exploring the facts that are little known about Gandhiji. As for Sheshadri, he may need to make room for other fame in his fame.

The initial touch of Midas and the extraordinary work of the technical team and shows. Made for an interesting presentation from shielding when he was a child, happy at his world.