“Sivakumarin Sabadham” Review: The story of a grandchild who proves to his grandfather

Sivakumarin Sabadham is really one of the most awaited films released later this month. The team meets the press for interaction and talks about films.

Hiphop Tamizha Adhi is a type of actor who does not consider the film seriously and the audience.

Sivakumarin Sabadham is another film that mostly depends on comedy. Without thinking and highly predictable plots. About reckless young people finding goals in their lives.

Adhi played Sivakumar, who came from the famous silk farm family in Kanchipuram; A family who had weaved Saree for the kings. But the family heritage has been in a hurry for many years. And Siva Varadharajan’s grandfather is the last of its kind, struggling to meet needs.

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Varadharajan feels Siva will not make anything in his life if he lives in Kanchipuram. Therefore, he sent him to live in Chennai with Uncle Murugan.

Who was married to the owner of a wealthy textile showroom? Princess Chandrasekaran. Varadharajan and Chandrasekaran, who had worked together. It had a history between them, and when Siva learned about it. He vowed to win back his lost heritage.

In a predictable story about romance, friendship and family. The background of the Kanchipuram weaver carrying a drama. That is needed to keep viewers involved.

The intention to shine in the spotlight on the life of the silk weaver is praised. But the film can use this sub-plot even more effective. This film shifted the gear and was a little grave in the second half.

But failed to maintain the tone to leave a lasting impact.

Kashmir and Rahul, who got up to battle with a joke on YouTube. Glowed throughout the film and looked after him not to dip when the storey reappeared. Some silly plain comic stretch.

But if you are someone who consumes a lot of content on YouTube, you will smile and have fun. As an actor, Adhi was very aware of his limitations, and he played with his strength. Even as a filmmaker, he gave what to expect from the target audience, most of which were college visitors.

Hiphop Adhi, who plays the instructions and director of the film, said. “For many here on stage, this is their first chance, and the reason.

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Why they speak emotionally is something you will understand while watching a movie. Sathya Jyothi’s film Has made my anbivu film with a magnificent Kanchipuram. And that’s when I was inspired to write this story.

This is a film driven by content. And it’s not something with a star value. My producer did told me not to take risks. But I assured them that it would be perfect, and it was the hope of my team.

I feel that new faces will look more attractive. Everyone will appreciate them after the success of the film. I have started my trip as a producer with Indie rebels. I thank Sathya Jyothi Films for their support for this project. Arjunraja has a crank camera using only two lenses. The Dwaraknath gold medal has handled the editing.

Madhuri is a hero who speaks Tamil. He is part of our practice for a month before the shooting starts.

His appearance is impressive. This is a film that should watch in theatres. I thank my producer for making this theatre release happen. The story is actually based on the life of a middle-class boy. This will be a film celebrated by everyone. “

Adi has given a rendering one hour to pull the film. That should take about one and a half hours. As an unnecessary scene, song, and fights. While the way it changed from one template to another was entertaining. The first half was utterly disappointing.

There are many problems with character design. Weaknesses in casting characters in such a way that no one can judge that this is the case. Especially Chandrasekhar characters. The verse where the character of Murugan was drunk. And talked sadly to his father was critical.

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Referring to things that are missing and longing for childhood. There are many shortcomings like this in the scenario. Fighting to correct deficiencies in the past half hour, they have added justice to the scenario.