“Pei Mama” Review: Spoof of horror cinema, it doesn’t make any impact

Veeramani hires Koji Kumar’s family to exorcise the ghosts living in Patumalai’s bungalow because they think they are Ghostbusters. But they don’t. The whole family ends up in the bungalow, and the ghosts in the bungalow move peacefully with them, trying to find Veeramani, Dr MSR and dr. Kill Nirmala.

MSR and Nirmala are said to have spread the virus and destroyed society. So the ghosts wanted to kill them with the help of Kozhi Kumar’s family. What happened to Kozi Kumar and his family? Did you manage to leave the bungalow? The rest of the story relates to that.

Pei Mama has a very similar premise to the youngest Anabel Setupati.

As in this film, a family of petty thieves fall into a trap in a haunted place. As in this film, the cast includes a diverse group of comedians. As in this film, ghosts are good people who are persecuted and die.

Both films cheat horror comedies. But that’s where the similarities end because it’s lime and cheese in terms of care. While the film uses its premise to give us a fantasy comedy, Pei Mama is content to remain a typical horror-comedy.

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Kozi Kumar (Yogi Babu) and his family find themselves in Patumalai’s bungalow. A place believed to be haunted by ghosts. They are hired by Veeramani (Abhishek Vinod). Who thinks they are ghost hunters. Though intimidated at first, the ghosts are family-friendly. They hope to avenge their deaths by killing Veeramani and rivals MSR and Nirmala, several wealthy doctors who plot to release the virus for their benefit.

One of the reasons you might be tempted to check out Pei Mama is because of the Yogi Babu starring it. The star comedian does what is asked of him. Occasionally creating funny counters. Performing stunts and mocking himself as the lead actor. He kept saying that he was a “model” and not a hero.

At least the first half of the film has some funny moments:

And Shakti Chidambaram takes his hat off to many horror films in the genre. There’s no definite dull moment since he’s also moving at high speed (which is caused by a crazy punch). But it turns out to be quite inspiring in the second half with very clichéd flashbacks and a general climax. Comedy attempts (Mottai Rajendran and Rekha reconstruct the opening part of Punnagai Mannan) also fail.

The bungalow is inhabited by several demons, including MS Bhaskar, Rekha, Motta Rajendran and Iman Annachi. Yogibabu goes there with his family. Satan tells their flashback and goes to Yogibabu’s body and plans to blame the evil gang.

Did Yogibabu finally take revenge on the criminal? How did MS Bhaskar, Rekha, Motta Rajendran and Iman Annachi become demons? That is the rest of the story of this film.

Yogibabu, who plays the protagonist of the story, feels uncomfortable acting in his style.

Yogibabu debuted under the guise of Randinis Chandramuki and Beta. He has shot and starred in scenes in many films by telling his dialogue style. It causes boredom at some point. Other characters do the work assigned to them.

Director Shakthi Chidambaram directed the film, which is based on the story of a ghost bungalow. Like other films, this one is just a ghost story. There is nothing new in the story and scenes.

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Vadivelu has summed up all the spoken dialogues in one song. I can enjoy this song to some extent. TV The annoying scene from the show and the scene where Yogibabu scolded many people caused a lot of pain.

There is nothing new in the story other than the concept. And let them enter the ghost bungalow. The scene between Rajendran and Rekha does not produce anything commendable or funny. It’s annoying because they cheat classic scenes from hit movies. The second half was not impressive. Shakthi Chidambaram must concentrate on the second half.