“Kaage Motte” Movie Review: It is your typical fairy tale with staples fight, love story and scheme

Now the second wave goes down. Corona cases are also low. Thus, it is limited to almost all sectors, operating at 100 per cent. But the cinema is not the only choice. All work, including shooting, press conferences, dubbing, are permitted, but 50 per cent are limited to theatre and cinema.

This is why there have been no such films in the past two months. ‘Kalweera’, ‘Gruffi’, ‘Lanka’, ‘Osho’, ‘Chaddi Dost’, ‘Sticky Daddy’, ‘Zigri Dost’ has come to the screen. The film ‘Puksette Life’, starring Chanchari Vijay, who came to the screen last Friday, had been well received.

The scenario about the film industry post covid:

Meanwhile, last week, the state government had approved 100 per cent of household performances in theatres and cinema from October 1. That is why the large budget film team has announced the release date.

Many films include ‘Thinna Sanihake’, ‘Sangaga’, ‘Kotigoba 3’ and ‘Bajrangi 2’, are busy in the campaign. But in just 5 days, with one hundred per cent chance, a film is ready to come to the screen. The same crow.

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Yes, the son of Jaggesh Gururaj Jaggesh starred in the film ‘Crow Egg’. Pillai Gowi Krishnan story tagline. This is a film thriller and directed by BK Chandrahas. Madhesh, Hemant, Tanuja, Sardar Satya, Masterjay Jaggesh. Nagendra Prasad, Prasnana Patrol, Sarath Lohoghwa, Soyjanya, Satyajit and Ponnambalam have played a major role.

Pilla, Govi ​​and Krishna, three young people from Kunigal, came to Bengaluru to kill the Mafia Raja Ramachandra and took over the lower world. Will they be able to realize their ambitious dreams?

Ambition tales, schemes, betrayal and romance:

Which is set against the underworld in Bengaluru have many, and they always find some audiences. Kaage Motte is another story like that trying to show off. The lure is owned by the power of the lower world to young people and how their lives can be affected because of that. The story begins with a new police officer told about the three ambitious and dangerous criminals of Pilla, Govi ​​and Krishna. They wanted to rule over the underground world of Bengaluru by wanting to kill Don Ramachandra. They found allies, enemies, love, and heartbreak through their journey when they quickly managed to make good progress in the lower world. Do they realize their dreams or fall in black holes that underworld form the rest of the story.

The story is relatively fast, and its length is about two hours. But the narrative quickly shifts from one scene to another, and often this seems serrated. There are a few moments that can arouse sympathy, while the couple also arouses horror. Overall, it does have a scene that will attract the average frackbencher on one screen.

Performances from the cast were earnest and showed the prominent Gururaj Jaggesh and his efforts.

Sharath Lohithashwa has seen another threatening role that he excels as usual. Kaage Motte is your typical fairy tale with staples fight, love story and scheme. Watch if you like the genre.

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Gururaj has also been acting in several films. But he was abandoned from the film industry because of a lack of success. Actor Jaggesh. Who was involved in the release of the Crow Egg Trailer recently? It talks about his son’s future in Cine. My child has an excellent offer from other languages, but I refuse to accept it. But now feel. If I agree, my child will be a good start today. I am the land of that opportunity. Jaggesh was very sad because this was the biggest mistake in my life.