“Red Notice” Review: Star Power is not enough to lift this action-comedy from the abyss of mediocrity

With so many double transitions, random teams, intrigue and throwbacks around every corner. It’s surprising that Gal Gadot didn’t spontaneously start her Zara Zara Touch Me appearance at any point in Red Notice. Because that’s the feeling: Hollywood’s version of every film in the Race franchise. But made on a bigger budget than all of Bollywood could win this year.

Rawson Marshall Thurber’s red lead is just as stupid as that.

Hoping to work only with the star powers of Gal, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson. This is a two-hour test of how far and how far back you can look.

Dwayne plays FBI agent John Hartley, who in Fast and the Furious features Hobbes. Who is more easily offended than Moana’s quite charming Maui. He’s on a mission to catch the two art thieves. Ryan is the #1 thief, Nolan Booth, and he plays the usual Deadpool revealed. I forgot about this sage last month after Free Guy and Nolan Booth didn’t help either.

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Thief 2 is Bishop Gal Gadot with a very presumptuous name. Even when giving surprising therapy to a curious man, he never manages to look threatening or scary from a distance. Red Notice was never meant to test these guys’ acting skills. But it certainly opens our eyes to see who we’ve decided to crown the world’s biggest movie stars.

However, this triumvirate’s job at Red Notice is to collect props for Gal’s upcoming film Cleopatra. Some did it to cover up their tarnished name. While others thought of more money, apparently unlike Netflix. Which spent so much money on this film without bothering to hire a better scriptwriter for a portion of that budget.

The plot gets thin as it moves ahead.

Every new 20 minutes, lazy twists are triggered, especially when Ryan’s bullshit can’t stand the movies anymore. The tragic history of absent fathers had no effect. When Ryan lays in bed looking so sad and remembers how his dad left him because of the clock. You can’t help but expect it to end with another silly joke. Don’t blame us if we don’t trust the boy who summoned the wolf.

To get back to that big-budget, Netflix needs to be checked to show where it all went. The heroes’ journey takes them to Argentina, represented by some bushes and a small waterfall. A distorted plot leads our pair of cop thieves into this bull and cop ring. And the whole CGI environment looks pretty fake.

Then they take a train through some fake CGI landscapes. And some action sequences that require at least a week of rendering. The whole film feels like shot it in a studio. Rome, Bali and a dozen other places flash in big red font, but the action is almost always inside.

With the stars and scales not in his favour, Red Notice had nothing to save him. It is not a national treasure or the Da Vinci Code, despite the history, myths, and treasure hunts. Cleopatra’s remains and Nazi booty might even make for a fascinating History Channel documentary. Still, Rawson Marshall Turber is too busy getting Gal and Dwayne to do s*xy waltzes. Instead of finding the heart of their film.

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I’ve often wondered if everyone involved was involved in the joke. Ryan Reynolds searches the loot bunker and tells Dwayne Johnson to look for the treasure, marking it with MacGuffin’s words. He whistled for Raiders of the Lost Ark and appeared in an Indiana Jones costume for a treasure hunt. Is this movie a significant and costly joke? This can change a lot.