“One Last Time: An Evening With Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga” Review: Where the legendary artist made his last public appearance

Cheek to Cheek, the 2014 Grammy-winning album by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, started a beautiful relationship. Gaga, a star known for her quirky pop shows, and Bennett, a veteran voice actor from American songbooks, have turned out to be thieves.

After their first collaboration with Cole Porter’s Tribute Love For Sale, they were released last September. One Last Time: An Evening With Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga presenting material from the couple’s two-day meeting at Radio City Music Hall in August 2021.

When will Gaga perform a solo opening set?

There was a break from a set and a solo performance by Bennett. And a duet followed it for the final part of the show. Bennett turned 95 in August and announced the show for its final public appearance.

Born in Queens, New York, the multiple Grammy-winning jazz and big band singer diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2016 has largely withdrawn from public life due to his condition and age. However, the disease did not prevent him from continuing his classic work here.

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Bennett may be close to the piano, but his voice comes alive in some of the most iconic songs of eight decades in show business. Lady Gaga maintains an air of respect for her legendary partner and disrespect for natural performers.

After filming the introductory film “Luck be a Lady”. In which she greeted Bill Clinton in the front row and drew the crowd to celebrate Bennett’s 95th big day, Lady Gaga recounted her first meeting with the singer – “I look crazy.” I have blonde and black hair, four big velvet bands on my face. I do my job … “- before I got involved with the jazz standard” The Sky Is Orange “(“Wham! Bam! Al-a-kazam !”).

“Let’s Do It” from Cole Porter’s old inspiration and “New York, New York”. Which became an introductory number for Bennett himself. After the curtain fell, he appeared and worked loosely on Steppin’ Out With Irving Berlin My Baby and guitar performances.

Quiet jazz by Fly Me to the Moon Last time finding its way to the finals with Gaga playing Bennett for a mix of “Happy Birthday” and “Lady is a Tramp”. And their return to the book Songs by Cole Porter. Featured in Love For Sale before Bennett closes with his signature song “I left my heart in San Francisco”. It’s a fitting ending, if truly touching, for an artist whose undeniable footprint in entertainment is cash.

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Perhaps there is no one on this earth:

Who’s going to get that many miles from “Wow!” like Tony Bennett. “What A Lot!” With more than 70 albums, a massive sound and corporate charm. That has melted listeners for decades, the born Anthony Dominique Benedetto proved with his appearance on One Last Time.

That it’s still a virtue and is still “this thing” there. In an interview 60 minutes before a Radio City concert. Bennett’s family members and longtime music lovers admitted they weren’t sure what effect his condition had on the show.

But his lack of mobility, Bennett made up for it with audible enthusiasm, hitting extensive notes and inventing the intangible phrases that made Berlin standards and Porter and others sound with sustained vigour.

Lady Gaga fits into classical jazz material, sticking to the traditional singing style of these songs and bringing out her irresistible personality. He pauses songs to address the audience or summon the former US president.

He would ask his solo drummer to hand over his lacquered cylinder, which he would then use to trample his cymbals. “Can anyone guess who the man of the hour is?” she exclaimed amidst “New York, New York”, and the audience applauded.

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Because in One Last Time, Gaga has never forgotten her role, not just as a collaborator and a duet partner. But also as a concert interior, stage theme for astonishing legends.

And stream when your parents end up for Christmas. One Last Time: An Evening With Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga was a fitting public farewell to a music legend and a return to the golden age of live entertainment.