“The Madame Blanc Mysteries” Review: Where Antique Sellers Permit Murder in the South of France

There’s just something about an excellent ancient mystery series that is enjoyable even in this “challenging” streaming series. It’s like putting together a puzzle; Use your brain, but not in a way that makes you too tired to watch. This is probably why the series that Acorn puts at its service. Whether they manufacture or import them, they are so popular; Shows like this are rare, even on TV channels. The last one is The Madame Blanc Mysteries.

A man with a gleaming ring got into the front seat of a delivery truck; The Ring is a solid ruby ​​surrounded by diamonds.

The story starts in the remote village of Sainte Victoire in the south of France:

Rory White (Peter Gainer) believes the find will be the biggest payoff for the antique shop. When he elopes away with his wife Jean (Sally Lindsay), returning to Manchester. But it’s not long before he gets into the van. And sends Jean a video of the Ring passing out while smoking and crashing into a tree, killing her instantly.

That they are close to bankruptcy. And when Jean sees that the Ring is not among her influences, she decides to head to St. Victor to find out where he went. He is an antique expert between the two. And knows that these rings can cost anywhere from around 70,000 euros to millions of them depending on the story.

When he arrives – he’s not an extensive traveller. Which is why Rory lives in his villa and shows the results on FaceTime so he can evaluate them. He meets Dom Hayes (Steve Edge), who is not only the one. Who lives in his villa a taxi driver but a master. Dom and the Judith Lloyd James (Sue Holderness). Who meet Dom at the airport, receive “Mrs White is Rory’s mother.

Dom later told Madame Blanc that Rory was often seen with other women who did not communicate much. He even sold antiques to the likes of the police chief; Jean is annoyed when the receipt doesn’t come from her, and the Rolex she allegedly bought is a terrible fake.

He was sure that Rory’s death wasn’t an accident. The first task, however, is to track this Ring. This secret takes Jean and Dom in many directions, including to Xavier (Narayan David Hector), his son Gloria (Sue Vincent). The down village mechanic (and Dom’s best friend).

If you’ve noticed anything about Madame Blanc’s Mystery:

This is a performance by Sally Lindsay, who also created and wrote the series. He’s front and centre, and Jean White is an exciting television detective. On the one hand, she’ll spend the entire first season trying to figure out what happened to her husband. Still, in Cabot Bay in southern France, she’ll be threatened with Murder after Murder, with all of the city’s colourful characters hiding their secrets.

What makes him such an exciting detective is his ancient experience. Old and valuable antiques tend to be part of the mystery every episode, so it looks like the show will be a cross between the Murder he just wrote and an antique roadshow.

The view of St. Victor is also a highlight, from the seascapes to all the old buildings with that perfect old village look that Americans love.

There’s nothing revolutionary about the series, so it will be based on Lindsay’s charm and chemistry with Edge, which was pretty good even in the first episode. The two will become partners in solving crimes. If the half-deserved episodic mystery and murder story of Rory – and her mysterious lover – is not overlooked, it should be an entertaining season first.

If you’re actually in the mood for one of those mysterious shows you can watch with the main character and try to solve, The Madame Blanc Mysteries fills this account very well.