“The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles” Review: Where the Congregation Feels The Same

The infamous reality show series of arriving guests began with Tammy calling the four-bedroom beach spread a “trauma trigger” and realizing that the carpet seemed to have stayed the same for 30 years. Friendly Kentucky John was the next to arrive. “I’m just going to try to get along with everyone,” he said. “I don’t think we’re going to be fighting that much, are we?”

Beth S. greeted her old colleagues with tears and hugs and bowed. At the thought that they would all be best friends this time.

Irene, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Assistant, left The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles. In this episode 11 when she gets married, LA seems to be returning to her mother (or cop) role. And David, who was kicked out of the house in episode 7, does nothing to justify his justification.

There are some uncomfortable little stories when the players reunite;

There’s a lot of “did you get my DM?” and “You didn’t add me to Facebook”. When someone says he’s looking forward to seeing Dominic, the Irishman with the S*x Pistols.

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John explains that he adores the congregation, just as Aaron does. But Beth Anthony and Glenn Neissens arrived together on day two – their relationship is still as strong as in David and Irene’s deputies.

Beth A., whose latest release is a milestone in the 1992 plot, says she is now married to a man. While Glenn realizes his deep hatred towards Beth C., which seems unchanged. (“I really don’t understand why people don’t like me!” Beth’s prodigy today.)

David’s arrival is framed and cut to frantic suspense on a reality show. And the pressure explodes when an inbox flashes on the home’s flat screen, and footage of the incident is posted, which is rejected.

This is the “trauma trigger” that Tammy exhibits when the blanket is removed from her when she is in trouble. Tammy is crazy, and David is provocative while the others apologize for their roles. Call for drama! It sounds like the first episode of Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles Is Closing.

There’s a somewhat awkward performance in the first episode of The Real World Homecoming. Los Angeles. As the cast goes on with their lives, trying to return to the archetypes that once defined them. It’s like trying on high school jeans or an old uniform.

But since we don’t know much about what they’ve been up to since 1992:

It remains for us to see them in the same old clothes. John, who still wears his cowboy hat, admits his house is “a bit unstable at times”. And Tammy came with a box of crack.

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And an attitude that seemed to be imported from an episode of Real Wife. Beth S., all smiling reassuringly, is described as someone. Who would die on her mound before admitting that someone doesn’t like her.

And this brief chat about Beth A.’s evolving s*xual identity seems more of an awkward introduction than a real conversation.

And then there’s David, who’s still hurting from his boots and drooling from playing the bad guy this time. Ok, good luck. If there’s one thing reality show productions have learned in the three decades. Since The Real World debuted, it’s that each control group needs its variables.

Here too, there are some structural elements to consider. The Real World Homecoming takes an “unprecedented” perspective of Bravos True Hosts. With the access to untapped archival footage, to complement where these people came from when they started being honest.

Homecoming also takes advantage of the split-screen. Bringing this home to Venice Beach’s original home is a real treat. And it’s underscored by the parallel comparison of the B-roller environment, the 1992 rollerblades on the drug rug. Which is driven by their 2000 counterparts crashing mobile phones.

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It’s also recommended to choose Inbox as the silent sender of external news. Instead of the host who responds with challenges and messages. Let these people struggle with their past.

Especially if you’ve ever been an actual spectator of The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles. We’ve all seen a lot of reality TV since then. And The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles is old and new.