“Kevin Garnett: Anything Is Possible” Review: A Glimpse To Be One Of The Most Intense Superstars In NBA History

There has never been such a fine basketball player like Kevin Garnett before Kevin Garnett. And it is unlikely that there will ever be another player like him. In Kevin Garnett’s new documentary, Primetime: Anything is Possible.

We get a first look at one of the most intense. And the motivated players that the sport has ever seen. He was the man who set the pattern for a generation of players.

Who set out to turn professional, left terrible opponents behind. And led two franchises to glory over two decades of NBA careers. Behind the story of his extraordinary passion life and career is described here.

It’s quite safe to say that very few people who have ever seen Kevin Garnett play basketball will forget the sight.

A valiant 6′-11″ striker, Garnett played with ferocity and intensity unmatched even in a sport known for its contented personality. He never played, never rested, and screamed at every devastating dunk and block.

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He came in. NBA Draft graduated in 1995 and became the first prep player to be promoted directly to the league in the twenty years. His success doors opened the door to future prep stars such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and others.

In the Kevin Garnett: Anything Is Possible, the star shares his own life story. From being kicked out of the high school for winning an open NBA championship – with commentary from modern luminaries. Including former teammate Paul Pierce and WNBA superstar Candice Parker.

There are plenty of familiar names featured in the interviews here – stars on a par with Garnett’s fame. But some of the most interesting comments come from his high school teammate.

At Farragut Career Academy in Chicago, day job Ronnie Fields. Both excited Chicago fans on the court but suffered a heartbreaking loss in the state tournament final.

Admiring professional basketball players in the heart attack of distrust; generations of kids might think they could be “like Mike”. Or they could find the magic shoe and suddenly learn Kevin Durant’s skills. Of course, these players have foreign skills for almost everyone on Earth.

But they can make it seem almost accessible in the right light. It’s a little harder to see Kevin Garnett. The way he plays proves that you’re not like him; no one can offer the court’s intensity, agility, and pure aggression.

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He doesn’t want you to be Kevin Garnett. He wants him by your side.

Garnett, is a prominent figure in the NBA’s much transitional years after M. Jordan, led the wave of player preparation but set a standard of success that almost no player could match. Fifteen all-star options. MVP in the NBA. MVP of All-Star Games. Defender of the Year.

He turned the defunct Minnesota Timberwolves into a permanent playoff team. Before a 2007 deal blazed a trail for him as a new generation of pioneers when he joined Paul Pierce and Ray Allen as the Boston Celtics began the Super Team era. As the Timberwolves played to kick him out of high school.

The Celtics bet on Garnett was worth it as he led the legendary franchise to their first NBA title in 22 years. When he earned this film’s title with Garnett, he shouted, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” when confetti rains all around him.

In retrospect, it may seem that success in Garnett’s Hall of Fame is inevitable. But his unstoppable drive hides the high odds he faces, and that is, for the most part, the focus of this well-crafted film.

He is thrown out of his junior high school in South Carolina after a racist battle that reopened the way for high school players to skip college and go pro. Years of clashes with deeper teams like the Shaq-Kobe Lakers in the playoffs.

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It was a long way from South Carolina to win a trophy in Boston, but Garnett never gave up, never returned to defence, didn’t let anyone score easily.

Retirement is expected to reduce that profit, but the Garnett on screen here is the same thing that generations of NBA fans know; from time to time, he would emphasize something by holding the microphone over him to growl again. He’s still Kevin Garnett; still intense, still driven, still, the unrivalled athlete who has proven that anything is actually possible as long as you are Kevin Garnett.