“Aida Rodriguez: Fighting Words” Review: Comedian returns to meet his father were estranged and baked

Two years after Tiffany Haddish stated that he was one of them, they are ready to be friends for Netflix. Aida Rodriguez finally got his solo showcase on HBO Max.

However, Rodriguez does have a family history with HBO.

HBO Latino brand first displayed in the series Entre NOS in 2018. And Haddish is behind the development deal with HBO Max Rodriguez last year to build a sitcom. Around his life as an Afro-Latina mother of two teenagers. Yet the deal has not produced results.

But Entre NOS is put Rodriguez Front and Center to their tour. And stopped by Sam Jay Rodriguez invited to the party. Having first made waves in the stands last comic NBC. Rodriguez also has to squeeze credit in one showtime Shaquille O’Neal. Comedy Central’s Central Show with Larry Wilmore. TruTV’s Comedy Knockout and Laff Mobb’s Laughs, Tourns of Laughs, and YouTube is Turkish youth.

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Which all serve to support Rodriguez’s reputation as a woman who is not afraid to share his opinions. Which he took as a titular mantra for his solo debut. While he will not shy away from politics, Rodriguez mainly uses hours plus, which displays a 15-minute documentary features at the end, to talk about the legacy and the idea of ​​a multi-ethnic, both owned and family, about identity and family.

Rodriguez did not disappoint on that count. Most literally, he joked about learning the rules are no rules when tapping the dozens. Most specifically, when she was making fun of people who call themselves waking up, he first mentions Wokeness “Corny As Shit,” then injected a dose of reality by saying: “Words hurt?

So is hollow. Learn how to block! “He then became a story about a Chinese woman who fought with her attacker attacks, and how Rodriguez admired that lady and the people liked it. Perhaps because Rodriguez did not fight back as a child and now wants to make it up as an adult.

Rodriguez has made it a point in the past about getting it political:

No wonder he was in a young Turkish repeatedly. But he did not want to devote too much time there is to it. Why not? “I retired from that shit because you are exhausting”.

In addition, as much as he could talk about white women and whether they are with him or against him. He would instead go to Latin struggles as a community. And as individuals struggle that comes with grasping his family and his identity.

Its launch into how Latin included so many races, heritage, language and identity of different. Including different words to describe them other than Latin. Which can coexist even within his own family his brothers. And how would you feel more identified? He only plays after studying and finally meets the Dominican father and his extended family.

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Everything returned to Rodriguez and how he was, in turn, related to his children.

With the Puerto Rico flag and the Dominican Republic hung on both sides on the stage, Rodriguez leaned on more personal aspects of his care and his comedic point of view.

At one point, he explained: “That’s how we handle this nonsense. Comedians. We talk about the nonsense that sometimes hurts.” In others, he admitted that “comedians were not excluded” from having to put up as colleagues, But now it won’t stop him from defending his right to say what he wants when he has a microphone in his hand.

If you are offended by whatever he says? His rhetor: “I want to invite you to Chomp on the dick.” Because he wants to emphasize that the material is not about underestimating you, it’s sometimes not even about you.

As explained in the 15-minute feature that closed the special: “How will I tell the jokes about my father and Dominican Republic, in a way that doesn’t seem to capture stereotypes about Dominica? That’s how much things should I think about when I write a joke Of course. “

As soon as the haddish lifted Rodriguez, this was a good touch for Rodriguez and the documentary recording director Nadia Hallgren to provide the opening opportunity for Rodriguez to his show in Puerto Rico and Dr: Laura Nanita, Roick Johnson, Erick Bonilla, Ariel Santana, Cristina Sanchez, Elias Serulle.

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Rodriguez provides a refreshing speed change in comedian attitude that has brought conversations about what comedians can say today. Do you want to know him? Most likely, huh! Because he reminded us this special is about him.