“Love Hard” Review: A delightful & sincere Christmas romantic comedy

Halloween has almost disappeared from the rearview mirror, and the Christmas film quickly gets momentum. Love Hard has tremendous honour to be one of the first to hit Netflix this year. And deliver the killing of Christmas’s miracles to streaming services, and what a fantastic start. With dazzling the lead show from Jimmy O. Yang and Nina Dobrev, loud love will be a Christmas romantic comedy worthy of reviewing every year.

This story took a modern Cyrano de Bergerac, but with a few tweaks.

Natalie (Dobrev) is quite a romantic disaster columnist who has documented its dangerous journey through online dating. One day, he saw the profile of a handsome man and quickly became fascinated by him.

He feels like he is the other half. Natalie boarded aircraft from California to a small town in New York to surprise him. Thinking he will meet Josh from the application. Which is played by the age of Darren Barnet, he was surprised by Josh’s real-life (played by those).

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In Ole Good’Mode Rom-com, Natalie considers a lie far more significant than its relationship with Josh. He immediately sets to get to know Josh false (whose real name is the tag), which he knows nothing about. Honest Josh, who is now too scared to come clean for his family, decided to help Natalie seduce tags.

What stretches almost two hours from the Romantic Comedy Shenanigans was wrapped in sweet and intelligent writing. Which was simultaneously horrified (because Natalie’s situation got itself in) and cheerful (there was a happy end). Love Hard is sweet and intelligent.

But it feels like one of the too many films rolled into one. Even with typical ornaments from the Romcom genre. The pieces that know nodded for other classics. While others happen to be unfortunate considering the proliferation of Christmas comedy romantic.

However, there are reasons why people come back to this time of genre and time again – entertaining predictability. But love is difficult to do something that has failed to do. Who has fun with predictability and becomes entertaining overall.

Dobrev is a capable actress, so playing heroes in the romantic comedy film seems to have been the wind.

His character in love complex is astray and needs a rough resurrection. And when he bumbles through a series of poor errors on the road to love. He collects clarity and better out on the other side. The charm of the Dobrev natural screen saves Natalie from its entirely unlikeable.

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But in the scene where Natalie makes all the wrong choices, Dobrev shines. He did not hold back Natalie’s stupid side and sincere side as he experienced this trip. Natalie is very relatable, but it is accessible to unlikeable. Dobrev does moves carefully throughout the film without ever believing. That Natalie will come to the correct conclusion at the end. Not many actresses can pull it off.

While Dobrev fun in Love Hard, the film belongs to who quickly became the household’s name. The manufacturer’s star thoroughly entertained, pulled, sweet, and very funny. As he played Josh, one-half of the situation Cyrano de Bergerac was intentional.

In every possible way, which is a leading perfect romantic comedy. From sincere effort to seduce Natalie to insinuate humour to calm down sad moments. By quickly walking through every aspect of the character. It easily made him the best thing in the film was pleasant. Even when Josh has a big speech about how lousy catfishing is, it was done with sincerity and jumped horrified past and goals directly to the heart.

And there should be a little shoutout to co-star member Asians crazy thing Harry Shum Jr .:

Which comes with heat, utilizing his Glee training completely. He is the perfect foil for The quiet and Jose Josh. Which highlights Yang’s gift and adds to the comedy movie. Hard love can easily fall under the pressure of all the references and comparisons with a great romantic comedy.

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However, it turned out to be a delightful experience in itself. The ensemble is refreshing and lively, and his message is simple and easy to digest. Be yourself. With the lead enchanting and delightful ensemble, love hard-hitting the mark.