“Howie Mandel & Friends: Don’t Sneeze On Me” Review: Stand-up showcase by, for and for the pandemic

It’s good to put 11 different comedians in 61 minutes. It doesn’t take long for a comedian to make a big impression. That’s what you think, an imaginary reader who just discovered this opening. Montreal-based Just For Laughs has a long history of television shows, mainly in Canada.

Full of American comedians like them.

However, for the past six years, the JFL and Howie Mandel have teamed up to film the annual gala just for Americans. Which airs every year on the CW. But 2021 will be the first time everything is filmed in Los Angeles. Thank you, pandemic.

Thanks to the pandemic in particular because of Mandel. And his cute friends mostly joke about how we behave during the pandemic. With individual stand-up sets by Sherry Shepard, Ryan Hamilton, Dulce Sloan, Danny Joles, Preacher Lawson, Aaron Weber, Debra DiGiovanni, Natasha Legero, Robin Tran and Patton Oswalt.

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Mandel’s monologue leads straight into Shepard’s intro and routine. He uses his black friends to develop an unconventional conspiracy theory. That they are not vaccinated and are living unhealthy habits all the time. When you hear Shepard’s technique of raising their son, you think about the fact that every child needs a father.

Most of the time will be with Lawson, America’s Got Talent graduate. Who will host AGT Live Residency in Las Vegas in November? If Lawson hasn’t returned to AGT this summer to promote it. Here’s a comedic refresher and the origin of his name, as well as a story from Lawson Mandel’s joke. When he offered to let a comedian travel with a younger one. His private plane.

As a headliner of sorts, Oswalt gets more time than the others.

But other comedians, from Hamilton and Sloan to Joles, Legero and Giovanni to newcomers like Weber and Tran, used their few minutes to shine.

Oswalt summed up the show from the comedian’s point of view at the climax of his performance and said: “Welcome to a night of surprised reclusive comedians who love to see a room full of faces. You can become a camp full of bullshit. I would be very happy now! I do not care!”

They enjoy telling jokes again in front of a live audience, months or more away from the stage.

Almond was even nervous about it. Because before the pandemic, he clearly would never have spent more than 17 days without standing up. I would like him to express his personal and professional interests a bit more (after all, he is the longest-serving judge on the AGT and has been a co-owner of the JFL since 2018). At least he let the germaphobes in the room. Of course, Almond had to make hay because he was at the forefront of the world and took germs seriously. That’s the brand!

After all, this event wasn’t for Almond, even if he was a remarkable face and name. The point is, network television doesn’t allow the majority of viewers who are just casual comedy fans to see these great examples of stand-up comedy.

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This showcase highlights a different point of view, even from just the two JFL New Faces in the lineup (one is a white man from Alabama, the other is a trans woman whose mother is Vietnamese). And because the CW skews the younger in terms of audience reach, it helps kids educate themselves on which comedians to look out for, as most of those comedians are no longer busy making TikToks.

If you like comedy and aren’t sure what kind of comedy you are, this course will point you in the direction you want to go from here as you can also find more extended sets of most acts online.