Murder In The Hills Review: More outlets for Anjan Dutt Obsession with Darjeeling, liquor and drama

With a messy scenario and a show that is too dramatic, this series makes a tiring watch.

The murder in the Hills web series Anjan Dutt’s attempts to give a mystery of interesting killings.

But after a messy scenario across seven episodes that barely produce tension. The climax made the audience, instead of giving a sense of satisfaction. With revelation behind the murder that triggered the series.

The climax design has been adapted. From the famous Hercule Poirot novel by Agatha Christie. Recently adapted into a successful English film. Revealing the novel name or film will ruin the experience for those who intend to watch this tiring web series.

Tony (DUTT), a famous actor who lives in Darjeeling, invited his acquaintance to his birthday party. That is organized by his friend and a neighbour Ranjan (Rajat Ganguly). And Doctor Neema Pradhan (Sandipta Sen). Tony’sTony’s introduction, Nepal Teacher Sheela (Anindita Bose), invited the journalist for Amitava’sAmitava’s girlfriend (Arjun Chakraborty).

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He is hoping he would have something interesting to cover from a party for his magazine.

However, the presence of uninvited guests encouraged Tony to lend a dramatic touch to a party. That ended with a surprising death. While the rest of the company contributed death as a natural. Amitava seemed to be sure that it is planned murder.

As an investigative journalist, Amitava could not stop himself from digging deeper into the case. According to him, he had a connection with several famous murders that occurred in Darjeeling 30 years ago.

However, his investigation immediately began to irritate Tony’s friends. On the way to find the truth, Amitava knows about some complex equations between various characters. Which appear as irrelevant and tiring. Until the connection is withdraws by murder during the climax.

Screenplay in a hurry hardly allows viewers to develop any connection. With the character or study the developments. That occur throughout the Amitava query. Then climax, with the sentimental follow-up dragged from the murder background, disassemble more viewers than they want to see!

They are leaving Arjun Chakraborty and Anindita Bose, primarily artists, including Rajdeep Gupta. As police deputy supervisors, Sourav Chakraborty. As filmmakers looking for stories in the mystery of murder. And Bob Das (support watershed) as soccer coaches with football management problems, have roles. They are in a dramatic style that increases, follow the DUTT itself.

Each artist seems to present different variations on the 20-minute Dutt screen:

Oscillating between dramatic explosions and anger playing! As for Dutt, this must be the worst performance of veterans so far! The script makes it almost no room to set one character in depth. In the end, redundant and simplified connections between murder. And all characters were withdrawn to round up narratives.

Ramyadeep Saha’s Camera work highlights do works in the Urban scape of Darjeeling instead of a beautiful location. The viewers who are used to Darjeeling will be better associated with crowded mall areas. Remote slums of Jalapahar, an open restaurant from Keier and ancient old chapel. Where all dramas are revealed. Editing MD Piyasuddin in a hurry to make a messy scenario even more confusing.

Maybe the only pleasant aspect of the web series is the background score and composition by Neel Dutt. Scores and urban background songs, fun, stylish, begging for the essence of Darjeeling, helping to reduce the monotonous series.

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Dutt’s latest works, including Saheber Screlet (2020) films and this series. Seem to be the Whims products that have no sincere effort on creative production. The web series, of course, appeared more outlets for obsession with Darjeeling, drama and liquor than Storyte’s efforts.