Kudi Yedamaithe Review: With lots of ups and downs the series makes it a big

AHA returned with another original web series called Kudi Yedamaithe directed by Pawan Kumar. Web series eight episodes come out now and let’s see how it is.

Aadi (Rahul Vijay) is a delivery man who wants to be an actor. He gets trapped in a loop time and understood. That the 29th day of February would live, time and again.

The same thing is the case with CI Durga (Amala Paul) too. In all this, some kidnappings occur in the city. And a young pregnant woman is in danger killed. How to loop the aadi and Durga time connected with real life. And how they stop making a mistake is the whole story of Kudi Yedamaithe.

The things which work for Kudi Yedamaithe:

One of the thieves showing off Yedeamaithe was a young actor Rahul Vijay. Who got an intelligent role in the show. This series gave him a lot of scopes to appear. Rahul gets the same situation time and again. But must give a different expression every time. And he does it well in the series and is the best part of the show.

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Amala Paul played the police who had a drinking problem. The Star Heroine looks somewhat rustic at the beginning. Of the show but managed to hold the fort in the end. All of the investigation scenes are just about okay. Supporters are all new and do their work well.

The first two episodes are told brilliantly. And created a curiosity factor in the show. Production values ​​and night effects are exhibited well in the show. The top corner of the kidnappers and the way they deal with crime is also impressive.

The things that don’t work for Kudi Yedamaithe:

One of the most significant minuses is the loop factor. Where it tells the story. One day exhibited several times, and this looks good on paper with different events. But the director had spent so much time. So he displayed one scene at least four times that did not need at all.

The emotional angle in the show is lost. When the crime is carried out. Or how the police deal with the entire angle of weak crime. The scenario is unique and can avoid the repetition of scenes.

The connection between Aadi and Durga characters. As it is not exhibited correctly. And why they are in a circle is described inefficiently. The series is boring from episodes 4 and 5 and only attracts interest in the last three.

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The Technical aspects of the series Kudi Yedamaithe:

The value of production of this series is the top level. BGM is worthy, but it can be a little better in the end. Good dialogue, and so do production design. Costumes, makeup, and camera angles that show off the night effect are good.

Come to Pawan Kumar, director. The concept is sound. He starts hard but confuses the audience with a layered scenario that is difficult to understand for a familiar audience. Also, he did not finish the corner and rushed to the end. More than a crime angle, it focuses a lot of time. On the time loop that puts the audience in the middle.

The final verdict about the series Kudi Yedamaithe:

Overall, Kudi Yedamaithe is a web series that has a fascinating premise. Starting with explosions and creating attractive factors for the audience for the most part.

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Mid-episode with some recurring scenes is a bit boring. But the rest of this series has an exciting sensation. And a hard show makes it watch worth this weekend.