Puncch Beat Season 2 Review: A long and extensive storyline

Puncch Beat Season 2 picks up where the show’s debut season ended. Rahat Sharma (Priyank Sharma) and Ranbir Chaudhari (Siddhartha Sharma), both students at the elite Rosewood High school in Dehradun, argue with each other – both want to become boxing masters at the school.

However, the show takes an ominous note this season as one of the two boys is dead, and the stubborn detective Vishnu (Anuj Chaudhari) suspects that the death was unnatural.

Puncch Beat Series Review Season 2 Mixed with high school atmosphere is horrific drama – Ranbir is Rosewood High director Maya Chaudhary (Niki Walia) and former Rosewoodian and former Olympic boxer Rajbir Chaudhary (Samir Soni).

Rahat is Rajbir’s illegitimate child. Puncch Beat Season 2 blends the emotional aspect with police procedures perfectly and delivers a very relevant message at the end of the story.

Puncch Beat Season 2 was written by Suparn Verma, directed by Akshay Choubey and produced by Ekta and Shobha Kapoor. Sumrit Sahi is a screenwriter and dialogue writer.

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The detailed analyis of the series:

Both Priyank Sharma and Siddhartha Sharma shine in their roles. Siddhartha Sharma got the lion’s share of the gameplay and emotional sequence of the season, along with a character with more nuance and levels than Rahat, and Siddhart took the opportunity to its fullest. He looks good doing it too.

Niki Anana is very quiet and offers a subtle show, spiced with balance and uniqueness. Rushad Rana was a calm and soothing presence on the show. Shataf Figar’s new signing is also great.

Anuj Choudhary plays his role with trained accuracy and has a charming presence on screen. The man deserves an excellent role to justify his talent.

The young people on the show stepped on the plate and conveyed what was asked of them well. Khushi Joshi like Padmini, Sindhuja Turlapati like Aditi, and Nikhil Bhambri like Adhish are good.

Puncch Beat Season 2 has a new screenwriter running the show, and the differences are apparent. Season 1 is awkward, chatty, and high on rhetoric. Season 2 is more realistic and, thankfully, more covert.

Many of the tropes of poor, slightly motherless children from preseason – in the case of Rahat and Dinky (Harshita Gaur) – have been completely removed, which is a relief.

Puncch Beat Season 2 Review The focus of this season is more on boxing matches.

And they did well too – that was the most critical moment on the show if we have to say. But most importantly, Puncch Beat Season 2 highlights a significant and relevant point which is a good thing in a broader sense.

However, the show took a very long and repeated journey to say what it wanted. 13 episodes, if only 18-20 minutes, is a very long time to get straight to the point.

By the time the eighth episode or something like that came out, we were tired of the constant boredom. Excess additional land adds to the boredom. For example, the stupid student-teacher subplot is entirely irrelevant and could be omitted entirely.

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Some of the characterizations on the show were done pretty well – Nikki Strange’s Maya and Siddhartha Sharma’s Ranbir, to be specific. This season, Harshita Gaur flies in the barn. Dinky you fly to the US for further research, that’s all. Samyukta Hegde has had a weak role this season but has had little influence.

Overall, Puncch Beat Season 2 is your average watch – not brilliant, but not wrong either.