Covid-19: Canada expands a direct flight ban from India until August 21

This is the fourth time ban has been extended because first applied it on April 22 because of fear in Canada for the second wave of pandemic and second concern over the Delta variant.

The Canadian government has extended a flight ban from India by 30 more days. The ban will expire on July 21 but will now remain on August 21. The fourth rest of the ban has been extended because they were first applied on April 22. Because of fear in Canada for the second wave of destruction. Of the pandemic and Covid-19 concern. Over the massive transmission of the Delta variant of Coronavirus.

The release released on Monday from Health Canada noted that the extension of the ban was “based on public health advice”. Canada has also extended the requirements related to the Covid-19 third state pre-departure test for travellers to Canada from India through indirect routes.

Passengers from India connected at other departure points for Canada will require a pre-departure RT-PCR test before continuing their journey to the destination of Canada.

The announcement came even when Canada announced many steps that calmed restrictions on trips to the country. On September 7, if “the domestic epidemiological situation remains profitable”. Canada will open its border “for every tourist who has fully vaccinated. The vaccination road full of vaccine governments received by Canada. At least 14 days before entering Canada and who meets specific entry requirements”.

As the first step in this direction, American citizens who are fully vaccinated and residents will still be allowed to enter the country for an unnecessary trip on August 9. As long as they have completed their vaccination at least 14 days before entering Canada.

Tourists who are fully vaccinated do not require post-arrival tests from August 9. Those who are not fully vaccinated, not vaccinated or vaccinated with Jab, which the Canadian Health Authority does not recognize, will continue to be tested.

Starting on the same day, the Canadian government eliminates the requirement of quarantine three days mandatory in a designated hotel while waiting for the test results. Vaccinated tourists will be released from the requirements for quarantine, but others must provide quarantine plans.

Pfizer-Bontech, Moderna, AstraZeneca (Covishield), and Johnson & Johnson made the authorized vaccine for emergency use in Canada. India recently submitted a petition to the Canadian government to memo direct flight bar, with the Indian High Commission in Ottawa sent a letter to the Global in the Canadian field, the State Foreign Ministry.

Canadian safety and security ‘always come first. With the increase in vaccination rates and fewer cases in Canada, we can begin to reduce the border steps safely. The gradual approach to reopen will allow our health authority to monitor the Covid-19 situation here and abroad, “said Minister of Health Canada Patty Hajdu.

Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra told reporters during a press conference that the reasons for the extension were caused by the Delta variant, which was considered the dominant strain of Covid-19 throughout the world.

“While progress is being made through, the situation in India is still very serious,” he said. “Decisions are based on advice received from the Canadian public health agency, and it will be better to protect Canadians from increasing the introduction of Delta variants, which are common in India.”