Centaurworld Review: It is musical and it is funny, until the horror hit body

With popular titles like We-Ra and the daughters of power and Kipo and wonderful age finished, Netflix faces a little vacuum when it comes to fantasy-remembering animation shows, plots, all-ages.

But the latest animated series of streaming services, Centaurworld, may only fill the place if viewers can drive disturbing horror elements that land next to all cartoon imagination.

From the former Dreamworks and Pinky Malinky Director of Megan Nicole Dong:

Centaurworld is an animal-centred twist on a familiar portal fantasy. Where characters in the world worldwide find their way to be magical. In the 10 episodes of his first season, this event tried to adjust silly content and profound ideas, with mixed results.

But intelligent use of animated style differences. And a unique approach to music for animated shows, makes it worth watching. At least for viewers with fart tolerance for fart jokes.

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The Centaur world follows a horse called Horse (Kimiko Glen). Which falls through the magical crack that brings him to a brightly coloured centaur world. A land full of hybrid creatures, half-humans, and half hybrids often explode into songs. Centaur is not only a half-traditional horse creature, half-human.

They come in all kinds of animal varieties, such as small-eyed mol-torches and bear-touring. Horse found a herd of unique creatures, led by Wammawink Pink Llama-taurat (Megan Hilty), who decided to help him go home.

To return to the medieval fantasy world, where humans fight against monsters, horses need to find different magical key pieces by travelling to various Area Centaurworld and take them from the Centaur leaders known as shamans.

Beautiful animation, with a beautiful and smooth difference:

Between the sharp lines and more “serious” styles of human horses of the human being. Comes from softer curves and bright colours centaur world.

(Not to bring up the old debate, but think of the original Teen Titans vs Teen Titans go!) This is a philosophical difference, making horses. With an angle and a more realistic style looks sharp outside the place in the Centaurworld. But the Centaurworld cutter design does not mean life.

There are all sunlight and rainbows. Visuals are too accounted – everything is sparkling and big and ridiculous eyes! – Thin masks that are often dark and sometimes dirty from the ground.

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Using strange magic to cover a heavier storyline adds further disappointments, in the same way as the gold-autumn fall on the garden wall and zany. The bright-coloured adventure time initially put viewers to sleep into the wrong sense and security.

Previously revealed a very excellent backstory behind each setting. (A kind of limbo purification and post-apocalyptic nuclear desert, respectively, They blared. With all Hijink Gufi and often humour of gross toilet, sudden and sharp cruelty feels unbalanced. But it was revealed prominent was thrilling and promising a more interesting second season, should the show continue.

While visual bubble covers a deeper plot is a neat way to overthrow expectations:

A complete storyline does not get a decent throughline. Unique character design and sometimes strange: strange magic centres almost brush the body horror.

For one thing, they can photograph themselves from their hooves, but the miniature versions immediately became horrified at their existence and destroyed themselves.

One Centaur can push things into a glowing portal in his stomach which seems to stretch to infinity, and as a result, he stole anything and everything he could turn on his hole to feed the hole. Others can learn painfully from their facial features to “handsome mode”.

It was truly meant to be Zany. But watching the giraffe-centaur hug her butt and referring to the bloating stomach cloud. When his father was rather extraordinary.

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It doesn’t help that much of the annoying Centaur. After 10 episodes, they become familiar with a charming way. It’s like preschoolers who keep making the same mistake, no matter how many times you tell them, “No, we don’t eat pasta!” If you can pass the tiny hands of their dirty. And see a cute little smile under the faces of their tightly closed, childish can be charming.