“Light The Night” Review: For women at the Red-Light District Club in Taipei in 1988

While many shows that Netflix imports or orders from East Asian countries are romantic. It’s rare for anyone to be quite as polite as Light The Night. These are two women who run a red light club in Taipei and the trials and tribulations. They and their women go through with their jobs and the men in their lives.

After the typhoon hit Taiwan:

We see a police officer named Wen-cheng (Tony Young) using an unconventional method to get the suspect to admit that he is selling drugs at a coffee shop. He is sent to the forest to examine the bodies found there and sees a business card for a nightclub called Light.

We turn to July 1988, three months before the “incident”. Light is a Japanese nightclub in Taipei’s red-light district where Madame Rose (Ruby Lin) – called Luo Yu-nong. And her women cater to wealthy business people, accompanying them, laughing at their jokes, and making sure their glasses are full.

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Before the club opens in the evening, Rose must bring Sue (Cheryl Young) – named Su Qing-Yi. Back from a meeting with a schoolgirl she loves. The two are close friends, and while the Sue wonders if this will ever be her life. Rose feels confident in her relationship with Jiang Khan (Ridian Won). An undercover writer trying to draft her first.

Rose spent the night making sure the right woman reached the right guest. He deals with his eldest daughter, A-chi, who must not only drag her from group to group. So as not to anger anyone but also with thugs who try to collect Ah-chi’s debt. The robbers follow Rose after the club closes, and she hides in an alley. He smacks a passerby’s nose, and he picks up the wallet he dropped, which contained the club’s business card.

Tired of Jiang-Han not answering his calls and realizing that he doesn’t know:

During the day, she followed him where he lived. He meets a young writer at his publisher’s office and invites him to lunch. When Rose confronts him at his apartment, he tells her that he no longer loves her. But things get more complicated because he seems to have a story with Sue that precedes his time with Rose. But when he walked past Sue drunk, he hit her.

Light The Night has a soapy feel with a touch of melodrama. It may actually appeal to audiences who enjoy the personal relationships that have been built in the East Asian dramas, but the show is hard to read during the first episode.

He takes advantage of two strong leads, Ruby Lynn as Rose and Cheryl Young as Sue. Their friendship proved very strong from the start and went beyond a business relationship. They took care of each other, and even when Jiang Khan did this to her after breaking up with Rose, Sue was still in a state where she wanted to protect her boyfriend. While that friendship might be tested as the season’s progress, it will remain at the core of the series and lay a solid foundation.

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We hope other women get their own stories because they’re a bit interchangeable right now. However, other large ensemble shows tend to seek help exploring the supporting characters, but it always takes time. There will also be puzzles affecting every relationship in the series, which will be the most exciting aspect of Light The Night.

The friendship at the heart of Light The Night should carry most of the dramatic baggage. But this is a shiny soapy watch that not everyone likes.