“Tiger King 2” Review: Where Joe Exotic Stew Sits In Prison While Everyone Gets Famous

Most of the first episode is about presidential pardons, Eric Love. Who had never met the exotics but believes he may be involved in the case. By trying to get the exotics out of Donald Trump before the previous president stepped down.

According to Love, there are severe issues in the case, including the involvement of Jeff Lowe. Exotic’s former business partner/rival, and life-sized Chuckie James Garreston. According to Love and his lawyers, the two created Exotics to work on the case. The federal government pinned Exotic animal cruelty charges because they couldn’t keep the cases rented.

Exotic, for its part, openly suffocates everyone around it:

Getting rich and famous since the first season of the show. And her current husband, Dylan Passage, hasn’t seen her or even tried to overturn her sentence. We also hear several details about Exotic’s turbulent childhood with an abusive farm father. How depressed he was about being gay.

His days as the youngest Texas Police Chief. And his 16-year marriage to his first husband, Brian Ryan. We also hear from Exotic’s brother, Jari Schreibvogel. The latter hasn’t seen Joe for 20 years.

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Even if we look at Love and supporters like John Reinke trying to meet Donald Trump Jr. Just before President Trump infected COVID – and at a rally in fall 6. Baskin, who didn’t appear in season two.

Because he believed the creators lied to him the first time. It can be seen in archives and news footage. Still, only one interviewee – a PETA representative – came up with what he’s been through. Since sympathizing with the debut of season one.

Tiger King 2 can’t be as crazy or shocking as the show’s first season, mainly because it’s more about the effects of the original season than what Exotic or Lowe did to the animals they raised.

As it is, it’s kind of a mess not knowing whether to focus on the efforts of Exotic and their allies, Baskin and Don Lewis or to focus on the whole stupid phenomenon that happened thousands of years ago now. It seems.

This is one of the feelings we get when we watch the first episode of the follow-up season;

The time has passed, although less than 2 years have passed since the first season’s premiere. When Tiger King was a zeitgeist, we thought about where and when to wear masks, sang “Happy Birthday” twice while washing our hands and carried Clorox towels – if we could find them – in our purchases. The world feels very different now, and Joe Exotic’s story seems to come from another time.

Both and Chaklin seem to understand Exotic’s plight in the first episode, and since some of the 5 episodes of this second season are about the Carol Baskin-Don Lewis mystery, there seems to be little evidence that they will. Balance everything this season. Not that we are Baskin supporters, but it seems that their non-participation gave the filmmakers the freedom to focus entirely on the idea that they had something to do with Lewis’ disappearance.

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So what is the purpose of this tracking? We’re not sure. That definitely won’t get Exotic out of federal custody, and slimy foes like Lowe and Gareston seem to be getting more attention than they deserve. Maybe to show how disgusting this whole business is and that we all got into it, watched the first season and talked about it like it was a discovery. If that was Good and Chaklin’s goal, then they had succeeded. We’re just not sure if it’s other than taking money from them and Netflix.

Despite our negative attitude towards Tiger King 2, we still recommend it to anyone who watched Season 1 and wants to learn more. But it’s certainly not essential for anyone to watch, whether they liked the first season or were disgusted by it.