“Kendra Sells Hollywood” Review: Where Kendra Wilkinson Started A New Real Estate Career

Kendra Wilkinson made a name for herself in 2005. When she described her days at the Playboy house as one of Hugh Hefner’s friends on The Girls Next Door. She is married, divorced, has two children, and has appeared on several other reality shows.

Now deep in the chaos of a single mother and ready to be renamed. Wilkinson recently passed the California real estate exam. Now streaming on Discovery+, Kendra Sells Hollywood documents Wilkinson’s path to becoming a real estate agent in Los Angeles.

Kendra Wilkinson knows you have an opinion about her.

She has lived in public for over a decade, lived in a Playboy house, married and divorced soccer stars. And has several reality shows of her own. It has been about 3 years since she became a single mother. And Wilkinson now feels ready to start a new career.

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He wants to make his children proud and earn a real income again. And work for the first time in his life. Wilkinson wasn’t ashamed of his days at the Playboy house, but he was ready to leave them.

After months of studying, he passed the California Real Estate Exam on the first try. And now wants to get a job. Wilkinson met Douglas Elliman’s team. At a mansion in Bel Air for $15.7 million and had their skills put to the test.

Wilkinson’s tour of the house was a bit of a train wreck despite his best efforts. And he was sure he had missed this great opportunity. After that frustrating day, he goes to his best friend Jessica’s house to feel compassion over a glass of wine. And is surprised to receive a call from Ernie Carswell, the team leader.

Who is frankly unimpressed with his previous performance. He tells him that they have decided to give him a trial period of 8 weeks. And he will look after him privately and then get a place on the team or be sent off. Your first job? Enter the office with a potential client for new real estate. Wilkinson’s real estate journey may not start the way he’d hoped, but it certainly won’t be boring.

Kendra Sells Hollywood surprised me:

Just a small show with a huge heart. Wilkinson had always been Playboy’s most popular band, so such a change made sense for them. He has been candid about his past. His moments on the pitch and his deep love for his children. Kendra Sells Hollywood could easily be a provocative yawning reality to add to the group.

But otherwise, she feels Kendra completely and lets her tell the truth and never makes fun of her. So many other people could have put her in the lead, but having her heart up to your sleeve here is a big part of why Kendra Sells Hollywood does so well.

It’s certainly not the most innovative or exciting new real estate series. But it feels like the most straightforward, lowest, and seemingly most authentic of the bunch.

Kendra Sells Hollywood may be funny, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t drama. The Douglas Elliman team’s big eyes and scepticism towards Wilkinson are likely to emerge. As the seasons progress and cause some conflict because what would a reality show be without a bit of friendliness?

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But even with all that in the mix. It does feel like we’re meeting Wilkinson behind the platinum hair. And also spray tans we’ve seen so far. Kendra Hollywood might not have sold by the end of the trial, but she sold an audience or two.

Kendra Sells Hollywood is an incredibly captivating little show that takes us on an intimate emotional journey with its title star and offers a rare glimpse into what it takes to be a real estate agent.