“A Castle for Christmas” Review: Where Brooke Shields and Carrie Elf compete in Scotland

Brooke Shields and Carrie Elvis are too close to settling down on Netflix’s “A Castle for Christmas.” He was a writer in need of an escape, and he was the duke of Scotland with a lot on his plate. They are absolute opposites who have nothing in common and definitely won’t fall in love – even if you stay in a majestic castle for the holidays!

Brooke Shields plays Sophie Brown, the most famous romance novelist.

Her series about Emma Gale was so popular that her decision to kill off her main love interest generated a tremendous response.

That could only be complete with a visit to damage control to the ever-disruptive show by Drew Barrymore. Instead of living and dealing with drama. Sophie heads to Scotland to visit the castle where her father lived as a boy – well, he lives on the property.

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Dun Dunbar Castle is having a rough time despite the hard work of its current owner. A nobleman named Miles (Carrie Elvis). When Sophie finds out that the castle is for sale, she has a bright idea.

She will buy the castle, connect with her Scottish roots, write a new novel and get her life in order! Miles agrees – and only if she agrees to stay with him in the castle until Christmas until he shows her the thread.

Her ulterior motive is to show this American woman. How difficult it is to own and maintain a castle and frighten it forever. Will they both fall in love before the holidays, or will they both spend Christmas alone this year?

Christmas Prince started associating the holiday with European (sometimes vaguely European) royalty in 2017 and continuing to expand in 2021. For example, Netflix and Christmas at Castle Hart (Hallmark) are two new Christmas films set to premiere over the weekend.

The same one! There’s also Christmas with Prince: The Royal Baby (UPtv), The Princess Switch 3 (Netflix), Royally Wrapped for Christmas (GAC Family), Christmas with a Crown (Lifetime), Christmas at the Royal Queens (Hallmark) – here they go movies coming out this year. I mention this because A Castle for Christmas has a lot of competition in this subgenre.

This is why Brooke Shields and Carrie Eloes have:

Because the hosts make “Castle for Christmas” a must if you like a royal holiday romance. These two have all the charm in them, and their chemistry is so good. That it’s surprising that the two have never performed together before. They make a lot of sense together, even when their characters aren’t visible in person.

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But what it sets this film apart from other Netflix vacation expenses is its production value. With all the Scottish actors and locations, the film takes you away. And all the supporting actors, from the nervous literary agent to daughter Sophie and every townsfolk in between.

That are far more down to earth than one might expect (and at the same time, of course, part of Rome’s holiday neighbourhood). However, what struck me the most was hearing Regina Spector and Belle and Sebastian in Netflix’s Christmas novels.

Rather than the usual upbeat music from session musicians we always get in these films. I don’t know if A Castle for Christmas is a little better! But there are also two scenes playing on the Drew Barrymore Show that are pretty messy. So this Netflix movie still has the WTF moments you need.

Oh — and for all the other sworn holiday gypsies on Netflix who travel there. “Christmas Castle” has to do with the larger Prince Christmas universe.

Which is completely inappropriate, unnecessary, exaggerated, and confusing – and I enjoyed it. At this point, Netflix – or MPCA, the production company that made all of these films.

It must know what they’re doing and swear if Brooke Shields doesn’t lead to partnering with Vanessa Hudgens to save the Kingdom of Aldovia from Cole Cole’s sworn enemy, the Christmas dragon, I will. Rebel.

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Either way, A Castle for Christmas is exactly what you want, and then a bit more of what you’d want out of these films. Shields and Elwes, together for the first time! You want to see Cary Elwes in a highland dress with a black tie.