“Madagascar: A Little Wild Holiday Goose Chase” Review: A Fully Seen Seasonal Disturbance For Kids

Madagascar: A Little Wild Holiday Goose Chase – ready to feast your eyes on buns from Hulu and Peacock – and it is the kind of nearly half-hour particular season that fits almost half an hour of Madagascar: A Little Wild Holiday Goose Chase series for preschoolers.

Which has expanded the Madagascar film series into a fully-fledged franchise. Things that are not small audiovisual chunks from a more extensive collection of audiovisual items and are therefore familiar to pop culture consumers are utterly useless.

Anyway, let’s see if this thing makes a six-year-old giggle or not.

A summary of the premise: adult animals from Madagascar are presented here as baby animals of primary school age. Along with much cheaper voice actors. Giraffe friend Melman (Luke Lowe), hippopotamus Gloria (Shailene Beckton), lion Alex (Tucker Chandler), and zebra Marty (Amir O’Neill) live in the same habitat at New York’s Central Park Zoo.

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As opposed to natural predators and predators. The law of prey. These characters likely have one or two particular traits. But we don’t need to go into details like that here, do we? They are baby animals, and they are theoretically cute. They seem to do funny things. Let’s move on.

The holidays are here, and Melman feels what we’ve all felt this time of year: paralyzing fear. He describes their naughty and good deeds with anal restraint and concern. That too much of the former and also too little of the latter and therefore, I don’t know, could push them into isolation? I’m not sure.

However, Melman has cited some good deeds, including a train to the zoo and some high-speed chimpanzees, but they resonate. Maybe they should get out of the zoo and find a little old lady to help them cross the street or whatever. So they can access the outside world by treating the New York sewers like a waterslide on Splashmore Mountain near a dirty, rotting couple Rat – I can barely stand it write a scene description.

Anyway, they come out of the sewer system very clean. Although it’s not in Smell-O-Vision, I can’t vouch for their perfume. This is where the actually show turns into a rehearsal in its literal title when they meet a Canadian goose named Hank (Mark Wheaton), who is separated from his travelling family and cannot tell north and south from north to northwest.

It can only be a good deed that makes the zoo crew:

At the top and on the list, which is excellent – but easier said than done because Hank’s geese are scattered, and everyone gets confused when things are different in a town like geese but not swans. Will they help Hank reunite with his birds, or will they learn a hard lesson about the holiday fiasco? No spoilers, kids.

Chimpanzees at high speed! One wonders if they are the only anatomically correct animals in the zoo. Maybe I should stop thinking about it!

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When it comes to crazy holiday tales of neurotic and virtuous giraffes. A Little Wild Holiday Goose Chase is one of the best. It’s a little cute, almost endearing, especially for self-inflicted holiday stress – for kids! – making a handful of these easy-to-sell animal figurines are like the rest of us in the sense. That we love and enjoy holidays. Still, we also want to end them because they drink moisture from our brains and form knots in our trapezius muscles.

Perhaps more importantly, it’s the perfect 24-minute diversion for teens while mom and dad retreat to visit Stoli the Nog quietly. It features animated jokes that are gentle enough for little ones; I doubt anyone over ten will burst out laughing; it will still attract the target audience’s attention. Best of all, it’s exponentially less disgusting than their favourite YouTuber screams.

Madagascar: The little wild goose hunt isn’t exactly a holiday classic, but it’s worth a look — nobody here makes toast and popcorn for Thanksgiving, that’s for sure.