“Dexter: New Blood” Review: The Return of Serial Killer Vigilante Michael C. Hall

Dexter Morgan – sorry, now Jim Lindsey (Michael K. Hall) – has changed his life. It had been almost 10 years, since he had killed someone. And for the most part, he seemed to be doing well.

Dexter no longer lives in Miami, the pick-up we all know and love. And moves to the quirky fictional city of Iron Lake, New York, where he works at an outdoor grocery store. He has a relationship with Police Chief Angela Bishop (Julia Jones).

Who takes him dancing, and no matter how hard he actually tries. He can’t bring himself to shoot the white dollar he chases through the snow every morning. Jim/Dexter is well-loved in his community, social and kind. And except for a few blood splatters that annoy him, he’s excellent.

He is accompanied by a vision of his late sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter):

And it acts as his moral compass, helping to deter the Dark Wanderers. When Dexter Harrison’s son (Jack Alcott) – now a teenager – visits him. He pretends not to know him for fear the permit will expose him to crime.

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Dexter seems to be holding him back, but when rich kid Matt Caldwell (Steve M. Robertson) gets under the skin (after much effort, I might add). Dark Traveler threatens to destroy everything he builds on Iron Lake.

If the last series was as bad as Dexter, it’s hard to imagine this series will ever get a chance to redeem itself. Despite the many opportunities, Dexter: New Blood is up for the challenge and surprisingly masters it.

With the help of the original showrunner, Clyde Phillips, Dexter: New Blood seeks to correct its predecessor’s mistakes by continuing Dexter’s story in a way that seems equally fresh and familiar. This new setting and cast still fit well with the world we know, a world that has changed since Dexter left his old life. Even if you haven’t really seen the actual and original series, New Blood is still yours to enjoy – it’s a pretty exciting thing, regardless of the context.

This new iteration quickly overwhelms you thanks to Michael C. Hall’s masterful ability to return to his most famous roles. It’s really great to see him in such a different setting – snow must be a tough pill after living in Miami for so long – and watch little bits of Dexter pop up in Jim.

This is the most remarkable work of Hall:

Dexter: His descendants may not erase the past, but they do allow us to experience a master playing his most significant role yet – and that’s more than reason enough to watch.

A perfect example of why there are so many of us would want to remain on the ship Dexter that sank years ago. No Dexter without reverb, no gripping drama without the sparkle in his eyes and the twitch of his mouth.

Her character can only exist as an invention of Dexter’s imagination, but Deb Jennifer Carpenter is as charming as ever. Carpenter acts as a kind angel against Dexter’s dark wanderer, pushing him into the light and reminding him of what happened when he took his killer side.

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While returning a dead character as a ghost/hallucination can be a risky decision (see: Bloodline Season 2), Dexter’s: New Blood makes it work and brings some good stuff to the incredibly talented Carpenter. Your performance is very catchy and memorable, but add your remaining chemistry with reverb, and you’ll get the magic.

Dexter: New Blood, while not addressing all the flaws of the original series. It is an exciting step in the right direction. Whose armed with excellent performances from Hall and Carpenter. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a casual viewer, Dexter: New Blood is likely to amaze and surprise you.