‘Adventure Beast’ Review: Where an Australian adventurer, his brave nephew and his gloomy assistant explore the wilderness

Bradley Trevor Greave is a bestselling author and nature show host:

It caught people’s attention in the early 2000s; he looks like a character, so turning him into a cartoon isn’t as weird as it seems. In the new Netflix Adventure Beast series. BTG is essentially playing its animated version. And the fact that it’s not taken seriously is anything but a plus.

Veteran researcher Bradley Trevor Grave (alone) or BTG performs a “parasite count”, a list of wildlife that requires stool samples; The aim is to study the parasites that live in the faeces of various species. Disguised as an ostrich – in symbiosis with a zebra. He tries to explore one of these zebras. When he is interrupted by the screams of his assistant Dietrich (Josh Zuckerman).

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He is surrounded by bees but is very afraid of “flying needles”. He fears most of nature, which is why he believes he lasted a decade. As a BTG field assistant when every previous assistant died a swift and gruesome death. And all their names seem to rhyme. BTG’s niece Bonnie (Danis Cabanella) is on her first adventure with her uncle. And also wants her to see that she is now an adult. Who can do tasks and make good decisions in the wild.

He’s packed, including sedatives if we looked back on Cambodia 30 years ago. And a young BTG is taking care of tigers. Rather than the likes of one of Australia’s best parachutists. He has dedicated his life to animals in the wild and believes. That if he needs a weapon to get out of a situation, he is doing something wrong. This is the first rule to work in Grief Expeditions – along with “Never try to save BTG”.

We also learn how Dietrich developed as a field service assistant at BTG:

And some of the adventures Bonnie has had over the years. That she believes prove to her uncle that she can do things on her own. But if the fight against the crocodile didn’t convince him, no one else would either. That meant, of course, until a lion seriously injured him. And while he was soaking the bite in the river. He asked Bonnie to take the last sample he needed, the “amazing” mountain Ayala.

From pricking the anus of wild animals to the various animal disguises he seems to have. It’s pretty clear that Grieve doesn’t take himself seriously, producing some pretty funny jokes in each episode.

It could be a ghost, like BTG, digging subcutaneously into his temple to hold it in. While he talks to his commander or cracking jokes, like all the ways his field assistants rhyme eventually die. It also seems to be able to withstand the attacks of beasts that would kill most people. These fast-paced jokes are mixed with more character-centred humour. Such as the fact that he has an assistant. Who hates the outdoors and a nephew who is always trying to prove himself.

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Along the way, Grave, lead author Brian Frang, and the writing team gathered several interesting facts. About the wildlife that even those who are most fascinated by nature might not know. Did you know that an ostrich’s eye is as big as an elephant’s? We also learn about several animal interactions that we may not have known in the past.

Adventure Beast packs it all into 15-minute episodes:

It doesn’t jump heads with information, nor does it shoot from one joke to another. He manages to get all this information, make you laugh and even get to know BTG and his crew. It’s a pretty good 15-minute usage.

Adventure Beast is a fun and informative animated series that uses its inherent bullshit and star lore to create characters unique to adult animation.