“Passion Play: Russell Westbrook” Review: I was looking inside and the NBA’s most polarizing guardian

Russell Westbrook is actually one of the most and prolific players. On today’s NBA nine-team roster from across the NBA. A former MVP and really one of only two players in history to average a triple-double throughout the season. It is also the one of the most polarized; he is derided as an ineffective statistician, a player who really messes up the game plans and can’t win a championship.

Despite the historically impressive stats season after season:

Westbrook has been jumping around lately; after eleven seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder. His one of the upcoming season with the Los Angeles Lakers will be his third new team in three seasons.

He pushes against shocking opponents and speaks but plays with great energy and passion in every match. However, few know the man behind the game, and in this new autobiographical documentary. Westbrook tries to tell his story from his side.

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You can build a super-addictive team from former teammate Russell Westbrook. He played with All-Star and NBA Champion Kevin Love at UCLA. Then future MVPs Kevin Durant and James Harden in Oklahoma City (and most recently in Houston).

He teamed up with three-time star Bradley Beale in Washington last season. And this season at the Lakers will team up with one of the league’s most prominent names in LeBron James (not to mention Anthony Davis).

Despite this killer number of teammates, Westbrook is rarely overshadowed. As the lead dog, he is irresistible: in 2016-17, he averaged a triple-double for the entire season. It achieved only once in league history, Oscar Robertson in 1962. Can you trace back such a historic achievement? Well, he did it again, three times over the next four years.

Paradoxically, this mass production is often waged against him; he was ridiculed as an ineffective player, a poor shooter. And a player who did not fit into a coherent system. Some people openly wonder if it is possible to win a championship with your points run.

In addition, Westbrook can be prickly; he’s close to the media, often takes on rival fans, and seems to confuse coaches and CEOs who. With his seemingly enormous but utterly unique skills, don’t seem sure what to do.

Passionate Game: Russell Westbrook was created in response to all of this.

The documentary, while seemingly one-sided – Westbrook was involved and executive producer. It worked to contextualize and humanize the people behind the game and was largely successful.

This followed him from his early years growing up in Southern California and playing in youth leagues and pickup games. His father worked so hard to instil competitiveness that he had to make up for his relatively small size; Despite being a 6′-3″ pro, Westbrook entered high school with a lightweight 5′-8″ frame.

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A stumbling block if he wanted to achieve his big ball dreams. It’s a dream he shares with his best friend, Helsey Bars. The two often talk about their desire to play college together at UCLA.

A dream that only one of them could achieve. Leopard died suddenly of undiagnosed heart disease while playing pickup basketball in 2004. And the loss of his friend seems to weigh heavily on Westbrook to this day. After this tragedy, he was more focused than ever.

And his leap of growth to higher years gave him the size he needed to compete at a higher level. He was playing two seasons in college at the University of California. The Bruins made it to the bottom four in two years before moving into the NBA draft early.

He is the newly converted Oklahoma City Thunder’s first draft pick and joins a talented team. With All-NBA-NBA futures Kevin Durant and James Harden. He continued to develop and reached the final in his fourth season.

The only thing missing is a championship ring, where he has a real chance at his last super team.

As a basketball fan, I never knew what to do with Westbrook; I enjoy where many others do not; It was great to watch his undeniable energy on the pitch. But I also question his success as he goes from a critical element of the Big Three to a monster with numbers on a bad team.

Stepping into one of the most exciting situations. He finds himself in the following year, he joined LeBron and Anthony Davis. To lead the Lakers back into the finals after a disappointing exit from the first round of the playoffs last year.

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With that intense spotlight on, Passion Play is a terrific starter that humanizes Westbrook in a way that has rarely been seen before.

If you’re a basketball fan, Passion Play: Russell Westbrook offers you the rare opportunity to find a player. We know so well for his performances on the court and rarely sits next to him.