“Aquaman: King Of Atlantis” Review: The crazy animated sequel to the DCEU Aquaman saga

Aquaman: King Of Atlantis is the sequel to the DCEU heroic saga. We’ll pick it up as soon as Aquaman (Cooper Andrews) defeats Ocean Master (Dana Snyder) and becomes the first “surface dweller” to ascend the throne of Atlantis. But if you expect Jason Momoa to come out and stretch his muscles. Even his vocal cords – you’ll be surprised. This time the story is told. With surreal animations and funny dialogues.

On his first day, he couldn’t even take the throne in the form of a fish to sit on.

Also, Ocean Master returns to the room and rechallenges Aquaman. When Aquaman masters the challenge, he learns from his assistant Wolf (Thomas Lennon) that the sea master automatically becomes king. Aquaman responded by hitting the sea master’s head with his trident, meaning he was king again.

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Vulko has a really long long list of tedious tasks left by Ocean Master. Still, the much more aggressive warrior Mera (Gillian Jacobs) thinks Aquaman should visit Outpost 4. A city in the kingdom unheard of in 7 years. When he and Wolf went outside, they found that the sea in the area had dried up. They find a group of bandits in an oasis. And Wolf likes to play baseball (which they think means “hitting another with a bat”) and keeps his water bat.

It’ll take you to where the outpost is, but all they see is training. Which is given to you by a marine junk tycoon named Mortikov (Andrew Morgato). He thanked Aquaman, but Wolf was suspicious. Eventually, he sent him to throw himself into a pit filled with water. Where other outpost members were being held.

They thought they had been there for about a week. He forces the citizens to team up with bandits. Who constantly rob them to defeat Mortikov and return the water despite initial distrust. But he was surprised when he returned to the castle.

Why we found out Aquaman: King Of Atlantis is part of the DCEU:

James One, who directed the film Aquaman, is an executive producer on the project. Which Victor Courtright and Marley Halpern-Grazer started. But it doesn’t look or try like a Jason Momoa movie. Not only he does tell his story through animation that is sometimes too surreal. But he also has a self-destructing series that is a mile wide.

That’s great for us because Aquaman is the only superhero that shouldn’t take seriously. Her speciality is that she is solid and speaks telepathically to Pisces. It’s a force ready for a joke. In Super Friends, if not longer, television shows and films of Aquaman show him throwing concentric circles/arcs at marine life. And marine life accepting the demands of others to help him defeat evil.

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This is what the show’s scriptwriters rely on. As Aquaman is very insecure as a king and can’t be helped by a suffocating Vulko and Agro Mera. The four main speakers in this series are getting dumber. Sometimes the surreal nature of animation wears down viewers. But this miniseries consists of only three 45-minute episodes. So the story is meant to help compensate for the sometimes dizzying visuals.

While you sit down to watch Aquaman: King Of Atlantis. Get ready to see the heroes of the sea in a way you’ve never seen before. If you could actually get through the great surreal animation style. You’ll find the first episode to be a great start to a good story.