“On My Block Season 4” Review: The end running with more questions than answers

Four years ago, Netflix published a list of promising new projects with mostly unknown talent. These include the dubious Queer Eye reboot with five people no one has ever heard of and the odd teen comedy On My Block.

A challenging comedy-drama and comedy set in a fictional yet dangerous setting in Los Angeles:

On My Block, has the humour and essence of the first episode. Cesar (Diego Tinoko), Ruby (Jason Gennao), Monce (Sierra Capri) and Jamal (Brett Gray) instantly fell in love with the audience and invited us to Freridge and their uniqueness growing up.

Four years later, the On My Block team went from rookies to seniors. We chased them at the start of season 4, and older, scary four are now estranged. Caesar takes on the role of Oscar’s older brother (Julio Macias) as leader of the Santos gang. Monce is furthest away and occupies a boarding school seat, while Ruby and Jamal compete for class president.

High school classics, like high school nostalgia and prom prep, don’t hit the most muscular chords in On My Block, a show that’s always been the centre of attention for the crew and their after-school antics (such as finding the long-lost Money from Rollerworld and the aggressive leader of the band Cuchillos). , played by Ada Luz Pla-Williams). At the same time, tensions between Nabi and Santos feel weak without Cuchylos – and when the mission is clear, the conflict is over.

My block always has at least two shows in one:

With Cesar’s life in Santos and three trying to protect him and live everyday teenage life. The dichotomy is still unstable in season 4. But Tinoko’s portrayal of Cesar as a child leaving his league is safer than ever. After years, the rest of the cast is very comfortable with their characters; Jasmin Jessica Marie Garcia, who went from guest to regular after season 1, is a delight. We’re told but barely pointed out that Jamal has been the hottest hookup ticket in town. Since the very last time we saw him. The irresistible rainbow turns the character into tiny dicks for his friends. And hinders the hilarious and wacky storyline in which Gray thrives.

But the character moments in On My Block remain their biggest strength by a mile. Cesar and Monce become longtime role models attracted to each other as they yearn for life outside of Freridge. Ruby and Jasmine continue to be an enjoyable couple (even if they can’t knock long enough for dinner), and Jamal hooks up with Ruby’s Abuelita (Peggy Blow) for some of the show’s most touching scenes.

Elsewhere, Jamal has seen his full brilliance and is one of the most popular kids in school today.

This was in stark contrast to his previous status as a fool, who spent much of his free time talking to inanimate objects. And while he can roll with different crews, that doesn’t mean he’s completely abandoned his trademark gnome.

“It’s not on my block if there aren’t gnomes. There will be gnomes,” said Brett Gray, who plays Jamal. “It’s great because the show is very mystical and every time it gets really deep, there’s this element of fantasy added. Jamal still relies on his manipulations, even though he’s a prankster.”

Diego Tinoco and Julio Macias in Season 4 of My Block According to Diego Tinoco, who plays Cesar, Season 4 will also determine “whether this is the final between Cesar and Monce.” Santos has long been a source of conflict for the pair, and Cesar’s more profound commitment to them bodes poorly.

Things are looking for his older brother Oscar, who has left the violent gang and is now really focused on creating a better future for himself and his new family. With a permanent partner and a baby on the way, Oscar winner Julio Macias says the former gang member will not allow his brother’s involvement in Santos to prevent him from living the life he wants.

“It really takes him a long time to grow up. And now he’s doing what I thought he would have done before. He made up for lost time and is now living life to the fullest. Like, ‘I’m not going to wait until my brother is living his life. So I can live my life,” Macias explained. I’m thrilled to see people seeing this change because many people in our community. That are making these changes, and we never saw them. I’m glad people are seeing him. “