J.P. Devine Series Review: This year “crown,” denser than before, like watching a full-out circus three rings

“Guarantee,” Don’t be confused with the 2004 Tom Cruise movie “Collateral,” which was created by the David Hare scriptwriter (“The Reader”) began in the Take-Out Parlor Pizza, where two shipment boys argue next.

A white employee was forced to take a job, but the manager of a young woman Harried (Hayley Squires), gave it to Syrian co-workers, Abdullah (Sam Otto), who gave a red motorcycle and wore a red helmet.

London Detective investigated a random murder from a pizza delivery man:

Who revealed a complex case of related sites amid the British community. Abdullah came on luxury flats, four floors, up the stairs, and gave the arrogant blonde (Billie piper) who brought a baby. “Where is a special topping?” He growled.

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When Abdullah shrugged and left, he threw a pie to the floor, poured a glass of wine, and answered the phone. He will return. When Abdullah touched the front steps, several shots ringed. Before he could take his helmet, Abdullah was dead.

Then, we can follow the killer in a series of cuts, throwing a gun from the bridge, changing clothes at the toilet shop, take a shower until, in the middle of the night, we meet.

Cut to: Star Carey Mulligan series (“The Dig,” “Drive”) as “KIP,” Cool South London Detective, speaking, and clearly, arrived at the scene with his partner, Ds Nathan. (Nathaniel Martello-White).

While exploring the area, he saw an Asian girl (Kae Alexander) snatched the corner’s fence. He asked and knew a lot but didn’t give anything. He will return.

Things are interesting when KIP, who always uses cynical squeaky, interviewing Laura, owner of pizza, avoids direct answers (always bad) and kisses more guilty engagement than cheese and salami.

Is he Shun Mikey, another delivery boy (Brian Vernel), and took Abdullah intentionally? Maybe, but there is more to watch, Mull, before picking up the killer and many suspects.

We met other players, including Jane (Nicola Walker) and Jeany Spark as Sandrine Shaw, a unique and mysterious army captain. A glimpse of the black-plated MI5 agent and British officer brigade floating in out.

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“Guarantee,” shots at pre-pandemic 2018 in London:

To submit to our masks and provide multi-layer plots filled with the best English film actors, especially the winner of BAFTA John Simm as a member of the Harried David Mars cabinet.

Chapter one in this fourth season sets eating, silver, and flowers in the right place. When the camera moves, the actors focus slowly, like sixth-grade students who come to tell us how they spend their summer vacation.

This is a big surprise. Margaret Thatcher, “Iron Lady” itself, trim, right, meant at all. Margaret surprised us all twice, first when it took 20 minutes to realize who it was actually.

OMG, it’s “X-Files” Gillian Anderson made a brilliant career change. The second shock watched him entered the kingdom meeting room to be greeted by the Queen. Gillian, struggling in a gray tweed business setting, did a fantastic Footstion. I mean, one knee hit the floor. We have to arrange three times to enjoy it.

That’s all I can say. My wife had to tear the remote from my hand before we watched all ten chapters of this year ‘”Crown,” denser than before, such as watching a full-out circus three rings, with all actions, clowns, elephants in the room, and someone particular Shot from a cannon at once. Someone doesn’t know where to see.

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Sets and cinematography changed our heads like that. The royal family attracted us back. Gillian and Emma shook our seats. Emma Corrin as Diana and Gillian as Thatcher made this new watch adventure. Thank you, thank you, the picture of the left bank, Sony image, and Netflix for this break.