Supervillain Series Review: The Dark series feel too real in the depiction of the life of a controversial rapper 6ix9ine

Why did Batman have so many supervillains? Because even if someone fails to see Batman. The daily news is enough to prove that there are jokers.

The supervillains are products from the same community. Supervillain: Making Tekashi 6ix9ine begins by comparing the Joker to Tekashi 6ix9nine. A controversial rapper, and digging deep into this supervillain manufacture.

For people who don’t know who 6ix9ine, the Docuseries tells the story of Daniel Hernandez.

They adopted a hip-hop personality called Tekashi 6ix9ine and self-proclaimed as ‘supervillain‘. He compared himself to the joker and said, “People hate it, but they can’t stop loving him too”.

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He continued to add, “somewhere far away, you fall in love with that man”. Daniel also seems to have fallen in love. With a famous and immoral way of life, which is immoral. Thus starting the doctor three parts with three parts entitled identity, power, and truth.

Doku has three parallel narratives. One of them is a compilation of Instagram videos, rapper interviews, newsreels, video paparazzi, etc.

The second consists of studio interviews, especially with Seqo Billy and Billy Ado (a former friend and former member of 6x9ine).

Sara Molina (first girlfriend and her mother’s mother), Daniel Hernandez Sr (Biological Father), Adam 22 (host Jumper Podcast). Brendan Klinkenberg (Senior Editor, Rolling Stone), Ron Barrett (Gang Prevention Specialist), DJ Pvnch (6ix9ine DJ), and several other people relevant to the story.

The third narrative is the most interesting of the three and tells the psychology behind the transpire event. Giancarlo Esposito voiced the narrative as two human hands to build a rapper doll from the beginning.

Until he became a “supervillain culture”. The whole story is divided into several segments called ‘supervillain elements’.

The trauma, appearance, mission, weapons, propaganda, fame, ego, durability, and society. This is the primary movement, and it is beneficial in attracting us into the story.

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The serial was first digging Pathos behind Persona.

After leaving his biological father, Daniel found a new ‘superhero’ in his stepfather, Luis Nazario. One sad day, Luis Dies and Daniel said that as a 13-year-old child.

He felt naked as a person he said would be invincible. Daniel realized that “the superhero always died, but Supervillain never died,” and thus began.

The entire segment of humanizing the pain and trauma. The series states that this is how all supervillain was born.

The episode tells us about the tragic effects of childhood that have no love. The first most significant impact is that Daniel becomes 6ix9ine.

Someone who is always very profitable is at the center of attention. There is a story for all 6ix9ine – the reason behind its name ‘tekashi,’ tattoo, and rainbow hair color.

Daniel said that ’69’ represents a double perspective for imbalance in life, while in another example. He only said that it was because Daniel had six letters and Hernandez had nine.

Right from nowadays until the end of the third episode. There are an excellent taste and fear in realizing that everything. That is hit or dropped is real and is also a product of our society.

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This series’s central part explores how the rapper uses social media. The economic attention to do anything and everything he wants. From the beginning of his career to his downfall, everything has something to do with the ‘surprise value’.

That he brought and considering the age we lived in, it became too real. It’s also very crazy how there is a snippet of all Debauchery and the fame he experienced. The man was so special to drain his whole life to the world to prove that he was better than others. This reminds us of other documenters. Netflix is ​​not f *** with cats.