Gaali Sampath Movie Review: A partially mute man dreams of performing on stage in dramas

Director of Ace Anil Ravipudi has changed producers with Gaali Sampath. Telugu films with Rajendra Prasad and Sree Wisnu in the leading role hit the cinema room today. Ravipudi also took responsibility for watching the department of the direction for this film.

The story and the plot of the movie Gaali Sampath:

Gaali Sampath (Rajendra Prasad) is a man who is disturbed. By speech whose purpose is to become a good actor. His son Soori (Sree Wisnu) is a truck driver who suffers from respiratory problems.

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Even though both of them share reciprocal love, Egos each caused a clash. At one point, Gaali Sampat unconsciously caused problems in the life of his son’s love.

Not aware of the reason for the backend, Soori asked him to avoid his life. Mercy, Gaali Tampat out of his house and fell accidentally in their backyard well.

His speech disorder and how he survived in a well for several days, and how he came out of it formed the remaining plots’ nucleus.

The positive side of this film is the characterization of Gaali Sampath. In the titular role, Rajendra Prasad has provided the best.

But the idea is poorly translated on the screen. Having an actor like Rajendra Prasad, the depiction’s effectiveness depends on how well you use his talent.

However, the maker failed in this matter. In each scene involving it, there is an effort to solve jokes with characters. Flashping episodes Contextualize their conditions remain inconclusive.

With the comedy time and produced several laughs. The episode involving Srikanth Iyengar and the success of Anish Kuruvilla remained rather impressive.

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The review and analysis of Gaali Sampath:

Telugu cinema will go through an exciting phase with several filmmakers experimenting with different content, paving the way for various out-of-the-box films to press the screen.

Annish Krishna’s Gaali Sampath is one of the efforts like that. However, regardless of creativity, the film falls flat with comedy and emotions. It does not offer much depth to viewers in terms of storytelling.

This story is located in a small village in the Araku. Gaali Sampath (Rajendra Prasad) has a decrease problem and cannot speak other than ‘Fi Fi’ and ‘Fa’.

However, he has a strong desire to participate in drama. His son Suri (Sree Wisnu) was a responsible truck driver who dreamed of buying his truck.

While Suri is busy pursuing his dream, Gaali keeps crowded with villagers, which leads to clashes between Father and children. One of these clashes has terrible consequences.

Also, how the duo deals with it forms the core of the story.

While some comedy, especially the scene between Gaali Sampath and Satya, worked. Another track involving Racha Ravi was ridden by a cliche and sexist dialogue.

The characters are not well engraved. The emotional scene fails to make any impact at all. The Anil Ravipudi scenario is not entertaining or emotionally gripping.

Suri and Papa’s love trajectory (Singh is beautiful) is mediocre, and the episode of a weak flashback and disappointing climax further added film misery.

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Rajendra Prasad took a proactive role and gave one of his best performances since the last moment. Sree Vishnu provides mature performance, and the equation with Rajendra Prasad is the top of this film.

Even though it was a new genre in Telugu’s cinema, Director Annish Krishna struggled. To present the story excitingly, and the film had more loss than hits.

With a strong cast, a better story is needed to improve. This film and fulfill its potential. Unfortunately, you feel short-changed at the end of everything.

Overall, they did not offer Gaali Sampat’s to save the performance of Rajendra Prasad.