Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 2 Review: Sakht Launda Is Back In Action!

Even though there was an attempt to make Chacha’s narrative vidhayak Hain Humare more pregnant, you almost missed Zakir Khan’s smile and watched the humor, hoping it would save the day.

Embedded in the beautiful corner of Indore, Zakir Khan decided to build the world of autobiographical trust – but the make-make-make-make-make-make-make-make.

Mizzy in the middle is Ronny Bhaiya, Jack-of-all-trades, the Robin Hood-Turn-Romeo neighborhood, the heartbeat of his people, and a conman himself.

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Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare was withdrawn in a firm 90s reference:

The protagonist was a funny mixture of his mouth hard. The Quagmires he often found himself as a result. The second season of this piece of life, Hilar-Athon, took place after the first event.

Ronny (initially) Honcho’s political imaginary from Chacha (Uncle) allowed him to prove himself as a young man his party.

Under its nature, Ronny slowly but continues to form a base in the organization, supported by unlimited support from local nincompoop bands (the growing amount).

This time, Ronny was introduced by the edge of gravity, steadfast in his actions, symbolized by metal kada (bangle). Which said “Sakht” (solid), sat comfortably in his left hand. His words outside Edan are faffing, and his image is more than just showing off the city’s favorite.

Khan extricates characters to include various emotions this season. Ronny (played by Khan himself) is easier the second time; He cried, stumbled, and most importantly, failed repeatedly in life, building an inevitable relationship with his audience.

The charm was released from, Ronny even found himself in a coveted position. As a romantic interest in not one but two women simultaneously (a little luck he wanted in the first season).

But the author of Khan, Ayush Tiwari, and the Porwal Ukrarsh tried to take the character above. Beyond the lost hero only in different narrative dimensions, ensuring that Ronny managed to take it.

Likewise, Ronny Kronsies Kranti’s crony (Kumar Varun, who is undeniable). Anwar (Vyom Sharma, full of talents) disperses and cuts their bellies ‘ dependence on their leaders.

Not only friends but “tests” Ronny includes complete ostracization from the community for a while. With his family standing as the only support system.

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Later, the protagonist bearing the consequences of graver than megalomania reckless:

Which previously appeared oh-so-adorable. Through parallel narratives in Chachaji political parties and their functions. Zakir built intelligent comments about the political city of Madhya Pradesh.

Cheap tactics, one-reinforcement, and lace betrayal at party headquarters. The head office made every challenge very important for Ronny to conquer.

Under the Heroism brand, the Zakir protagonist rises from the proverb ash right. When everything seems too gloomy to process and win the day with the convenience and attractiveness of his wealth.

However, this sequence of ham-y plots deals with trustworthy dialogue, a slow shooting of satiria, and a cold pool.

In addition to creative expertise, where Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare failed to be in the comedy sector. Personal Offscreen Khan from a funny, funny man, an extensive satire in the sequel, made him porous in the area.

Since the first season is full of humor Khan, the second feels lacking in a memorable laughter case. Almost as if the creator forgets funny to make Ronny more acceptable, which is always a compromise.

Season 2 failed to overcome the “curse sequel” and remained only the first shell. Still sunbathing in the glory of Ronny’s personality greater than the previous life.

Apart from the effort to make a pregnant narrative. You almost miss Khan’s smile and witness humor, hoping it will save the day.

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The Star Cast Of Chacha Vidhyak Hai Hamare Season 2:

  • Zakir Khan playing the character of Ronny
  • Vyom Sharma playing the character of Anwar
  • Kumar Varun playing the character of Kranti
  • Venus Singh playing the character of Avantika
  • Zakir Hussain playing the character of Rajesh
  • Alka Amin playing the character of Amrita
  • Abhimanyu Singh playing the character of Chachaji
  • Onima Kashyap playing the character of Tanvi
  • Sunny Hinduja playing the character of Vicky Maheshwari