Who Killed Sara? A new Mexican drama on Netflix, will be right up your alley

A group of youngsters is sitting on a boat in the middle of a lake. They recorded everything and played “Living La Vida Loca.”

The bottom line:

Alex Guzman (Leo Delulio) and his sister Sara (Ximena Lamadrid) are on this ship with their friends Rodolfo Lascano (Andres Baida) and his brother Jose Maria (Polo Morin). Sara and Rodolfo leave. Everyone is having fun.

Sara climbs onto the platform to hinder, but the straps begin to tear while she is there. Alex tells Lazcanos to slow down, but they speed up.

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18 years later, we can see Alex (Manolo Cardona) in prison; he somehow fell in love with Sara’s death. In retrospect, we see that the powerful family patriarch Cesar Lascano (Guinness Garcia Milan) somehow persuaded Alex to take the case as retribution for the entire family devoted to Alex, Sara, and their mother and to protect Lascano’s last name.

The day Rodolfo (Alejandro Nones) was promoted to CEO of his father’s casino business:

His brother Jose Maria (Eugenio Siler)! As always annoyed that Alex was forced to survive the fall. He wants to announce Lorenzo Rossi’s engagement (Luis Roberto Guzman). Cesar brings it up. As for Cesar, Jose Maria and his girlfriend are both straight, at least as far as the public is aware.

During the meeting, which includes Cesar’s wife Mariana (Claudia Ramirez) and little daughter Elisa (Carolina Miranda), Alex breaches the casino’s security system and sends a recorded message to all the supervisors that he knows who killed Sara and who shouldn’t.

Take the fall for her. When Cesar tries to find out how Alex was hacked, and Rodolfo visits Alex’s house – Alex pretends to shoot Rodolfo with a gun. Alex discovers that Rodolfo probably didn’t kill Sara.

Our approach:

Who knows how much it likes who killed Sara? (Original title: ¿Quién Mató a Sara?), Created by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela. Manolo Cardona is quite charming as Alex and can see his fiery rage. Milan exudes pure liquid evil like a mighty Emperor. The first episode had more than enough character development to get us into the story.

But there are some flaws in logic that make us wonder. First, Alex is assisted in his mission to avenge the Lascano family. By a prisoner who gives him the keys to the safe, which ends up full of money.

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We saw him buying a car and some computing equipment. Suddenly a man in his 30s who has been imprisoned since 2003 knows his path to modern technology is well enough to record a video message and forward it to Lazcano Casino. Hmm. Want to know what kind of on-the-job training is being offered at this Mexican prison?

We saw that the house where he and Sara grew up was still named after his family:

Though Sara died, and soon after that was her mother, sure, it was overgrown on the outside and cobwebs inside, but how was that possible, especially when Alex’s family didn’t have much money? This is a beautiful modern home in Mexico City that is cheap too. Are they inferior? Did Cesar buy this house for them, or are they just upper middle class?

All of this speaks for a riddle that will have many tentacles, mostly centered around Cesar, who appears to have a head so high on his butt that he alerts his grandchildren when he implies he is not “joining in” with anyone else the family wants.

As if this show happened in the 1980s. How many of their sons did they let their father trample them over and over again. Even though they pushed 40?

It turned out that Elisa was so young that she didn’t know who Alex was. So that means it’s been quiet all this time? How is he going to take all of this into account?

As with most shows of this type, the possibilities seem endless. But it also seems that it can quickly get out of hand. So many characters, so much conflict and drama.

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It’s hard to hold on to. We’ll see if some of the logical loopholes we currently have close in the first season of ten episodes.

Who Killed Sara? There are some logic problems, but the mood is generally energetic enough, with good looks, to grab the audience’s attention.