Project 9191 Review: A mystery thriller goes around hitting the bush of finding a correct lead to solve a case

Project 9191 follows the story of a new police station set up to stop crime. The story will make you feel like you are watching an episode of Crime Patrol, or CID, which is also a part of Sony.

But the good news is, enough is happening to keep you interested. The scenarios are rapid and don’t give you time to breathe and think. There are a lot of cases in every episode, and that’s what keeps you going.

Yes, the resolution isn’t always layered. But I don’t think of it as a problem. A well-written script. Many subroutines (except cases) add another sensation to it. The show ended on the rock, which makes it great for next season.

Exceptionally well-written Dialogues. BGM is OK, but nothing special to shout about. Director Subbu Iyer does a great job of keeping things nice and tight, which leaves the audience hooked and quiet.

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Review About The Performance Given By The Artist/Star Cast:

The shows, which consist mainly of a group of newcomers, were excellent. Suhani Popli may have a scene, two or three. But he’s managed to leave his mark.

Abhishek Khan as Johnny is confident, Nidhi Dugur as Nisha is pretty good. Jaswant Singh Dalal as Sharat is charming here and wants to meet him more. Dadhir Pandey as Usman Chacha is the best.

Vaibhav Tatvavaadi as Pankaj is phenomenal and a character that will keep you guessing. I was also very impressed with Sandip Kumar as Jamal and Shivani Rangole as Sunaina, who benefited the most.

Trishna Mukherji as Deepa is probably my preferred actor. As a tough cop and caring mother, she is amazing and wants to play such a significant role. Satyajit Sharma as Amitabh is fantastic, and he needs your attention.

The Verdict/Review about the series Project 9191:

Subbu Iyer operates the Project 9191 series. It is a desi version of the famous English shows, Person Of Interest and Line Of Duty and similar themes. The basic requirements and their attractive arrangement are inspired.

This was the success or failure of Project 9191. Unfortunately, this project was in the middle zone and mostly fell on the opposing side.

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The sequence of opening triggers a lot, as it often does. The initial stretch, until the “Minister” gave a month, was well done. However, during this period, various narrative problems emerged.

The biggest problem you’ll notice is trying to pack too much too fast. Plus, the short story makes some elements seem premature.

As we progress further in this series, it immediately becomes a reversal of the formula. Each episode consists of a different criminal case, and at the same time, we have several conflicting characters who can explode at any time.

The dynamics of the group and the cases it receives, along with general speed:

It makes things look a little clunky and muddy. But that’s not so bad. It looks cheap. To get an idea of ​​the series’s main story, including Jamal, it is necessary to watch most of the episodes.

The last two episodes, about kidnapping and blackmail, and murder, are the best in the series. It also ends on a sleek, clean tone, including Jamal’s thread based on the “Love Jihad”.

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Performance and a lack of production value that creates a low-budget feel is the reason Project 9191 disappoints. Some cases give the impression of “criminal patrol” (or similar). At best, it makes a person feel good.

In general, Project 9191 is a low-quality Desi replica of a well-known English series. It offers some excitement but doesn’t lift the series’s overall profile to the next level.

If you like mystery thrillers, this series is a great one to watch. If you don’t know about “inspiration,” this series offers something new from the routine. However, Project 9191 never went beyond the “normal” level.