Calls Review: An adaptation of the CANAL+ French series created by Timothée Hochet

Move hours to when the audience gathered on the radio to listen to horror stories and tensions. That before Orson Welles decided he would make a film instead.

The new Fede Varez project at Apple TV + marks back to radio drama media. But in a bit of reinvention for the era of streaming. Nine episodes tell nine short stories of characters dealing with unexplained phenomena. Each of the 15-20 minutes in length.

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Open stories through phone calls, voicemail, and text messages:

The voice’s back is several famous faces: Aubrey Plaza, Nick Jonas, Riley Kowough, Pedro Pascal, Lily Collins, Rosario Dawson, Mark Duplass, Karen Gillan, Judy Greer, Nicholas Braun, Danny Pudi, Danny Pudi.

The calls are an adaptation of the French canal + series made by Timothée Hochet. So, it doesn’t break the new land here.

This is a fictional podcast that switches to a new form of audio-visual narration. If the film media invites us to believe in the image we see.

The audio drama refers to our imagination’s power to make the pictures. The idea behind the calls is a nightmare that already exists in our heads is very scary.

Then the monsters are transformed on the screen. For thoughts are susceptible to suggestions and mature for manipulation.

Everyday scenarios turn into a mystery that bends with multi-dimensional implications. A couple’s story on the threshold ends in, “If you are on the phone with me, who is on my bed?” horror.

A man left his pregnant wife but found himself stuck in a temporal paradox. When he tried to cancel his mistake. To talk to his mother’s deceased, the last time, a young woman finally put her brother in danger of mortal.

Nothing is too new about the premise of these stories. They scratched, itching similar to the twilight zone or edge and fertile tread if the territory familiar. With the past Sci-fi horror. The novelty lies in their presentation.

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In addition to phone calls, audio recordings come from various sources:

911 calls, answering machines, black boxes were taken from aircraft accidents, etc. Strategic use of white noise, network disorders, and drop build tensions.

Maybe, this is why performances are best enjoyed. Especially with headphones that cancel noise. This is a mess with our localization.

Furthermore, there is no real life, regulation, or image of any character. By making the source of our fear challenging to understand.

It helps immerse us in the soundscape designed to isolate our imagination. Where it is easy to let the sounds and strength suggestions change the story into small films in our heads.

Good acting is top-notch throughout the board. According to their intonation, scenes taken in our imagination, those words are perfected, and the character becomes alive.

The names of characters at both ends of phone calls and direct transcripts of their conversation.

In an interesting role reversal, the graph serves as a framework where álvarez tries to create an atmosphere. The colorful color graph rotates, expands, rotates, and rotates to build a taste of pacing, tension, and direction.

In their abstract forms, they simulate settings. Whether it’s a long car drive or moving up and down the stairs. By figurative so it doesn’t break or replace our imagination.

On the most effective, they are like Fourier’s transform that changes space-time into a frequency function. They are like an ancient Windows screensaver. Only disorders that don’t work without actual purposes by carrying a screen to life.

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The calls called lie in the view of playing the second violin to ring. With visual abstraction, it shows only carrying psychological and psychological dimensions on ordinary concrete and public actions.

But hearing that gives attention to intimacy and its proximity because the story is playing in our imagination. The calls can be a good advertisement from the audio. To tell the panji-banner and still stand out as a series that can do correctly.