Eighteen Hours Review: The film can totally keep you on the edge of your seat

The new film Rajesh Nair ‘eighteen hours‘. Which is directed by escaping from Uganda. The Mangga Salt tree and Mooram Thrissur. It was released directly at Anorama Channel. And the Max OT Manorama platform. Survival Thriller is produced by Salil Stars Shyamaprasad, Vijay Babu, Indu Thampi, Devi Ajith and Sudhir Karamana in the leading role.

Insights to the plot of the film:

At the beginning of the film. Three people who went in the jeep. Through the forest lane were attacked by several people after a minor accident. The film then introduced six girls, two teachers and Anupama, an alumnus of their school, travelling by a tour bus because of cancelled flights to Bangalore.

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Place Ettunnatatatututi film in a bus accident on their way changed to another level. Five armed men controlled the bus. On the one hand, the image is the condition of these girls. On the other hand, the police led by Commissioner Jayakumar was seen trying to save the girls. Must know the subsequent thrilling development from the image itself.

Survival films gain popularity between Malayalee audiences, even though it is generally small. Screenplay, which changes unpredictable stories. And can predict to become a film Thriller survive, worthy of applauding first.

The screenplay from a long half-hour film does not have an unnecessary scene, song, or character. Screenplay, which carries a few minor bends to predictable stories, has the power to captivate the audience.

Eighteen hours are short films about limited situations between the first two waves of Covid.

Can assume that the Director, who could make a good thriller with newcomers in his limitations, was entirely successful in his efforts. About three minutes after the film’s start, the director introduced a film genre to the audience.

Director was able to maintain the nuances of the audience until the climax in the third minute. The audience will sit outside of the grip of fear of Merry’s journey. They are common to play heroes or police guards. Beyond that, the Director deserves to averse the camera into something practical.

The film climax is similar to Tamil ‘Pulikat Pandi’, which unexpectedly surprised the audience. The audience will also be excited because the girls react away from the shadow of suffering and fear.

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Indu Thampi and Shyamaprasad are the only famous actors at The Cast. This film is full of newcomers. Vijay Babu and Sudhir Karamana did not come in an important role. The villagers and actresses such as Nishad Ali and Advait Ajay are all okay.

The combination scene between Shyamaprasad and Vijay Babu is good.

Shyamaprasad beautifully presented a dialogue. Actress Indu Thampi, who remained interested in the film, was also superior in the scene fight. Even though the organization is perfect, it can be made more realistic if ropes have been avoided.

Both visual and background music can make films according to their character and provide reasonable enjoyment. Prakash Alex composes background music for thriller films. PM Photography Rajkumar has created fear even in forest and bus scenes.

Deepu Joseph also handles a medium number of edits.

Not to mention the lack of eighteen hours, who did one hundred per cent justice for Jonner when considered a short film. And for those who are a little bored with stereo films, this is the place. Criminals who police can’t even find in the forest get a jeep from outside. And two of the three police officers are killed without mentioning the rest. Some of them were a problem that had a problem logically.

The feeling that the explanation is needed is on the other hand. Character Vijay Babu Ajesh Varman told the Commissioner that he was the first to report children’s kidnapping, but this film did not show how he knew about it, and the Commissioner did not ask him!

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Because when you see the logic, the story has no place. Because it has things to watch out for, regardless of small problems in logic. Those who remember the limitations of small films can certainly enjoy ‘eighteen hours‘.