‘Aaha’ Film Review: A sports film about responsibility for one’s destiny

After losing face at critical moments in her life. Annie tries to put things right again by forming a team and excelling in war tug.

If there’s a genre that feels good, it’s sports films.

Aaha by cutter and aspiring director Bibin Paul Samuel builds the film on the tug of war; It may seem like an odd sport, but it manages to bring out. All the usual and expected elements of camaraderie and rivalry from a film of this kind.

Most of the drama takes place in a picturesque setting with beautifully depicted wooded hills and small waterfalls. Still, cameraman Rahul Balachandran also captures the attraction sequences in a captivating way and conveys the tension and work that the sport brings.

Indrajith plays Kochu, part of the village’s legendary tug-of-war team called Aaha Neeloor, which has a long winning streak. But during an important match, at a time of stress for the safety of his pregnant wife (Santi Balachandran). Who is home alone on a rainy night, he buckles up and sacrifices the team’s victory. A defeat that leaves a bitter taste on his Auchan, played by Manoj K Jayan in a very brief cameo, and his rival Chenggan, played by Ashwin Kumar.

We rewind 20 years to the point where the rest of the film is revealed and return to sports. After a bit of home drama about the life of Ani, played by Amit Chakalakkal and taking a few hard hits, Annie is determined to make the village proud by performing successfully in a tug of war competition. After a few not-so-extraordinary performances, he persuades Kochu, now a recluse, to coach a new team at Aha Neeloor. Kochu does this by imposing certain conditions, such as attracting Bengali players;

It seems to have been introduced to add drama to the story.

Written by Tobit Chirayat, the film is about characters fighting their demons. And the rivalries that transcend sports and brotherhood, among others, while progressing relatively successfully in the game. It looked good, with a duration of 148 minutes and gameplay not so common. That we weren’t that enthusiastic about the procedure. At some point, the film started to sag.

As expected, Indrajit is solid in an essentially tragic role that doesn’t evoke a mischievous smile or wink. Amit Chakalakkal brings love to the role of how he is an ordinary young man. With friends his father disapproves of and his insecurities. Composer Sayanora Philip offers a variety of music with athletic, rap and romance results and does a commendable job.

Aaha is fascinating to watch with friends and family because of its sound, clean story and messages of friendship and learning to take responsibility for one’s destiny.

“Aaha wanted to present an exciting tug of war competition between two different generations in Nilur village in Pala. The story starts slowly and culminates at the end of the second act. Aaha, it can be said in one line that this is a cable dance film that tells a story without disturbing the audience.

Neither of the Aha Neelur tug-of-war groups could succeed alone. Everyone who has no place to mark themselves in life and is just shy of coming to grab the aha rope to be successful at least once. While the leash is secure in the character’s hand, it slips out of the hands of the director and screenwriter in many places. Rahul Balachandran’s camera captures the beauty of the hilly hills. Bibm Paul Samuel himself edited the film, and the music was composed by Zionora Philip.