“The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” review: It’s everything a Bravo fan could hope for

“This is Housewives on crack” is how Luan de Lesseps eloquently. Which describes the new series The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip on Peacock.

The first episode begins with a behind-the-scenes look at women:

As they prepare to film their interview in front of a green screen. A brief presentation follows each woman. As she packs her bags and makes some light charts through the 8-day travel forecast. I get annoyed. People were so excited that the series arrived that it was released two days earlier. You can now watch the first episode for free on Peacock. But you’ll actually need to have a Peacock Premium Account to watch the other two episodes available today. All the new episodes will be released on Thursdays for the next five weeks.

This mixed series includes Kyle Richards of RHOBH, Ramona Singer and Luan de Lesseps of RHONY, Melissa Gorga and Teresa Judis of RHONJ, and Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore of RHOA. The show’s goal was to bring together the real queens of reality television. The essential products, genre masters and allow them to work their magic – which they did right away. Of course, we want to see who is friends, arguing, drunk, and wearing the most beautiful and expensive clothes. Because despite all the things these women have in common, they are also very different.

And this is where things get interesting. This event allows them to be a little more vulnerable. Just because they have abbreviations even if they don’t know their peers. They can open up and express themselves in ways they probably can’t with civilians. And of course, there’s actually nothing wrong with having the camera catch every word. The difference in this series is that it is not afraid to achieve a goal.

We see operators in the frame more often:

The women talked about who gave details of the trip to a gossip reporter. Who tweeted about her in real-time and would happily compare numbers, ratings, and social media influence. You ask about the dynamics between the cast members. And it’s exciting to see how loyal (or not) women from the same city stay with each other.

Where remains the same? The choice of rooms in luxury villas is undoubtedly dramatic, and all this is mainly because Ramona remains irresistible at every turn. Luckily, Kenya Moore was there to call him in such a way that everyone else became too tired for it.

All the necessary details are there: Teresa can’t pronounce the word porter, but before her departure, she receives a card from her friend to open each day. Kenyans are going away from their little daughter Brooklyn for the first time, and all women/mothers feel it. Kyle and the Melissa proves to be the most daring, while Cynthia plays the peacemaker, and Luan takes the opportunity to be completely calm and natural.

After all, this grouping forces each of these women (primarily sighs). To be more confident than they are on their show. They can ask many internal questions, display behaviour-changing behaviours as soon as they see them, and while everyone is at their best, they want to look better on camera. The best thing is about this show is that even though you already know and love (or hate) each of these women, you’ll get to see a new side of them all (MAINLY AIR), which is both refreshing and fun.

This is very fun. These women know what to do.

They ask the right questions, react (too many) and have a great time. And producers and editors who can mix drama and comedy in a way that maintains that light and energy.

And while the desire to “get to know someone on a deeper level” is a reality show cliché, it doesn’t last long here. From Kyle talking about body image to Lou talking about Tom, we’re still learning a lot about these women after watching them for over a decade. And frankly, this is an excellent time to see them having fun.

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