‘Ajinkya’ Film Review: Packed with sharp cuts and minimal drama, Ajinkya is highly rated

Ajinkya, which has been waiting to hit theatres for over a year. When farmers and agriculture became the topic of conversation, a film narrated by A. Qadir was released highlighting their plight. It is now providing a glimpse into the company’s culture and strengths.

This story revolves around Ajinkya (Bhushan Pradhan):

Who are hardcore entrepreneurs and want things their way. His subordinates are supported, played by Aniket Kelkar, Palavi Patil, Prasad Javade and others. He is engaged to Pratika (Prarthana Behere), who runs an NGO. A sudden tragedy affects his relationship and, of course, changes his view of people about his purpose in life. This film aptly depicts the plight of the peasants without dramatizing them.

Equipped with sharp cuts and minimal drama, Ajinkya achieves high results due to his playful pace. However, the second half was much more exciting than the first. Another thing that catches your eye is the lack of unnecessary subplots. The love story between Bhushan and Prana does not take up much screen time. What does not benefit this film is the fact that some of the intense scenes are gross.

Bhushan Pradhan wholly owns this film. But the supporting cast – Uday Tikekar (who plays Maha CM) and Ganesh Yadav (MLA Narayan Rao) – are impressed by their strong presence. The extended scene where Bhushan and Tikekar verbally confront each other is quite powerful and exciting. Prarthana does a decent job, but not much work. Naughty Patil is completely wasted in the film.

Ajinkya has a strong message conveyed with sincerity. You can check out the movie if you’re not looking for a super drama! It could be a lot more fun, however.

However, Anant’s teaching ideas were not readily accepted by young people:

Because they prefer to play this game for past tense. Sandip realized his problems and decided to change his approach. When he received an offer from the local sports authority to send the team to their competition club. He eventually agreed to coach her but refused to join the team. Meanwhile, he kept in touch with his wife and made surprise visits.

Anant’s team showed a good performance which was far above the coach’s expectations. When Anant arrives on the pitch, we see a climax with his team’s semifinals and finals. This last part is unpredictable and sends a timely message – “It’s not always about winning! For all sports fans, especially coaches. It defines a new meaning of success.

Several scenes related to the problems of the players were well filmed by the Texas Deoscar director. Including the love of games, as evidenced by Anant’s behaviour. But he showed the coach as the ringmaster all along. It would be better if he showed it off in some action scenes. Sandip will commit. You can learn more about fellow Anant Bhavna (Sarika Nilatkar), who returned to practice a few years after the wedding. But showing the main character in action is possible. This film does not deviate from its theme from beginning to end. Although there is room for that, the director doesn’t use much humour in the script and dialogue.

However, given the sincerity in presenting this story:

And the effort to promote the game of basketball and get the message. Across to sports fans turned out to be a well-made film. It’s almost like a “one man show” by actor Sandip Kulkarni, who seems to be fully involved in the character. Should greatly appreciate the intensity with which he goes with his character. Kadambari Kadam has played his part well, with perfect body language in the role of Sale.

Where he expresses the concerns of all women in the same situation. Sarika Nilatkar has limited free time, but nice to see it after a long break. The youths played their part well. Submit Limaye’s music is suitable for a variety of situations. But Abhijit Abde’s photography is good. He filmed the series of games very well in the great hall.