“A Very Merry Bridesmaid” Review: Promoting Emily Osmont to MVP Status for Christmas Movies

Emily Osmont (Pretty Clever, The Chimney Method) plays Leah, the owner of a Chicago suburb called Worldly Charm. This year he’s done more than just the usual Christmas rush; his brother Paul (Patch May) is getting married on Christmas Eve! Uh, and Leah’s 30th birthday is Christmas Eve now.

But that’s good. A 30th birthday is just a big event, and Leah wants to see the world so far in her life. Instead, she runs the shop while her brother and future daughter-in-law Julia (Lee France) let her play bridesmaid on her birthday. That’s great, that’s great!

Do you know who thinks this is not good?

Emily and Paul’s childhood friends and Drew’s (Casey Deidrick) girlfriend. Returning to town to play the best man at the wedding, he believes Leah always gives her birthday to Christmas and is now sacrificing Christmas and weddings.

Drew tries to make Leah’s 30th birthday memorable while everyone in Leah’s family struggles to make Julia’s dream wedding come true. Will Leah be overshadowed again? And will she have a romantic relationship with Drew before she leaves town for another international outing?

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You have to pass it on to Francis Lee. She’s given the utterly ungrateful role of the forgotten bride with the title, whose every line of dialogue is filled with passive aggression. But! At the end of the film, he makes a funny figure for Julia. We love seeing a rainbow of characters in a Hallmark movie!

Emily Osment is the actual future of the Hallmark Christmas movies. Here I say it! Hallmark OGs – Lacey Chabert, Candice Cameron Burr – have been doing this for a while, and Danica McKellar has become exclusive to the GAC family. The network needed a new roster of young talent to produce its annual holiday film, impressive and reliable talent. With his second holiday film, Hallmark (after 2018 Christmas Wonderland). Osment proves that he had to be the network’s new host.

Like other A-lists, Hallmark leads:

Osment comes naturally in the archetypal role of the little girl next door. That these films love to take on vacations. In A Very Merry Bridesmaid, Osment brings in so much warmth and the heart to the role of Leah. A role that could turn out badly! She wants to see the world, but instead only sees the world.

Through the international jewellery she buys at trade shows. And she accepts the fact that her birthday will never be her special day. But Osment plays this up by adding a touch of melancholy to the witty and capable presenter. And it made Leah lovable rather than pathetic.

But Osment isn’t the only reason to take the time to see A Very Merry Bridesmaid on Saturday night. From the reasonably strong script to the vibrant cinematography, the entire film is a triumph for Hallmark. While there’s no such thing as a time travel train. Though no one asks “what ifs” and wakes up in a parallel reality.

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Though no one gets caught up in elaborate lies, A Very Merry Bridesmaid stands out for some subtle changes in the sign formula. On the one hand, best friend Leah Marcys (Parmis Sehat) has a wife (Libby Osler). So the newly installed HALLMARK XMAS GAYS alarm sounds. I also love that Leah’s significant conflict is leaving her hometown to see the world. This is the complete opposite of almost all Hallmark holiday movies!

Sometimes you like these movies because “wait… what?” Moments, cases where logic flies out of the window instead of good old Christmas magic (no shadows: I love those moments). However, very cheerful bridesmaids don’t rely on big tricks or spectacular moves. It’s just a really sweet movie with a real charming lead cast and a team of players who feel like family.