“Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier” Review: A documentary series depicting the mysterious disappearance in 1989

Now on Netflix, Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier records the mysterious disappearance in 1989 from her home in Lüneburg, Germany. He sticks to the tried and tested recipe.

When telling Birgit Meyer’s story and what happened after his disappearance. But stands out from other actual crime docs because of the Meyer family’s involvement. We’re already here to tell you if Dig Deeper is worth adding to your queue or if you should bury it below.

August 14, 1989, was just another day.

At least that was until Birgit Meyer disappeared into thin air. The 41-year-old spoke to her daughter Yasmin the night before, and everything seemed fine. But when Yasmin called the following day and didn’t hear from her. She knew something which was wrong. Her mother was actually nowhere to be found. And there is police only treated the house as a crime scene because a police officer.

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Birgit’s brother Wolfgang Silaf – wanted it that way. While some things must have gone wrong at home, they didn’t find much to suggest a bad game. And since they had their hands complete with Gorde’s murder, Birgit’s case quickly became a low priority. It will actually take them to about 28 years to get an honest answer.

In the first part of Dig Deeper, brother Birgit Wolfgang. Husband Harald and daughter Jasmine reflect on the mysterious circumstances of the case. And quite the failure of the police to investigate properly. 

Harald recalled being the prime suspect because Birgit had to pocket a considerable sum in his divorce. Wolfgang wonders if someone has somehow led him into the underworld to avenge him, but all these traces lead nowhere.

They are given about 105 tips and try to follow them, no matter how excessive it may seem; everyone just wanted Birgit to come home. Behind all the closed doors, however, it turns out that Birgit is battling alcoholism. And possibly dating a local gardener – a relationship that could have claimed her life.

Dozens of TV shows and documentaries specials:

There are streaming platforms, and broadcast time for women is lost every month; From familiar stories and theories to developing cases. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of mysteries to work with on the small screen. Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier often follows the same format we used. And thanks to her family’s severe involvement in the series, it all seems a little more meaningful.

They guide us through the torturous days after they disappeared and their distorted outlook on the days leading up to them. They let us dive into their theories, express disillusionment with the investigation. And reveal a personal aspect of all of this that much of the series never capture.

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While Dig Deeper is quite addictive from the start, it falls into familiar patterns and uses ridiculous reconstructions at times. These dramatized scenes sadly take away the overall impact of the series. Although the choice to combine them with anecdotes from interviews makes a lot of sense.

It can be hard to fill all those informal spaces. Reconstruction aside, all of this is fully visible, equally scary and very disappointing. In just four hours, the series manages to tell Birgit’s tragic story and reveal the sad truth about so many cases like this. This missing person case is worrying and only allowed.

Just because the people closest to the victim have not given up even though it has been decades. This is what Dig Deeper wants to show us; what it’s like when regular channels fail and the determination of passionate people remains.

Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier may stick to the well-known formula for actual detective documents and resort to the occasional casual reconstruction, but thanks to a compelling case and his family’s involvement in the whole series, Dig Deeper feels it’s more than worth it.