1232 kms Review: A docu-film worth watching, a bitter slap on the face of the government

1232 kms is scripted and directed by Mr. Vinod Kapri. It is executive produced by Manisha Mudgal and Guenet Monga. Its consulting producer is Smriti Mundhra. The music is Vishal Bhardwaj.

The lyrics are Gulzar. He proposes the voices of Rekha Bhardwaj and Sukhwinder Singh. The east edition of Hemanti Sarkar, Subash Sahoo Sound Design, Kapri Cinematography, Manav Yada, and Rohit Vishwakarma, Associate Direction of Manav Yadav.

Re-registration of Devobrat Chaliha, subtitles of Kesha Chaturvedi, Musical Production of Debarpito Saha, Assistant Edition of Tinni Mitra.

Madhubrata Mohanty Assistant Mounting, Sound Mount by Aakash Chowdhuri and Subash Sahoo, and Dialogue Edited by Athul Krishnan and Devabrot Chaliha.

He offers Kapri, Ritesh Kumar Pandit, Ashish Kumar, Ram Babu Pandit, Mukesh Kumar, Krishna, Sonu Kumar, and Sandeep Kumar. He follows them as they move on their cycles of Ghaziabad in Saharsa due to the sudden lock of Covid-19 imposed by the Indian government.

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About the movie 1232 kms:

We all went out of our homes during the past year a total of 4 to 5 times for unnecessary reasons. The rest was to extract money from the ATM, grocery races, you know, a critical shit.

Meanwhile, we all saw some of our friends and family members out when traveling and restaurants because they were also surprising in their homes.

When you look at something like that, how do you have the bloody heart of “partying”? Innocent people, your country, walk kilometers from home because a Crazy Batshit government had no idea what the implications of a decision they should have taken step by step since January. First. COVID-19 cases started to appear. I’m not saying you should close your lives.

The exodus of migrant workers went between March to June 2020:

I say it has just had some perspective. At one point in the documentary, one of the workers indicates a disease brought by the rich and the inferior inconvenience. It’s precise.

And that’s precisely why we should be ashamed of ourselves and act a little responsibly. You have a roof on your head, food in your stomach, and a bed to sleep in. Use the maximum.

Because the more you go out, the more you worse for yourself and the others. However, you know that today, and we have exceeded the self-correction.

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It’s 20 March 2021 now. And we see another series of rising coronaviruses. Blame the government for everything you want. They are idiots. Stupid people manage them. Falana Dhimkana anything. But we also seal them. They worked for nothing. There is another lock at everyone’s head. What will they do now? Have you thought of that? No, because partying is what is essential. Law?

Did not you have liberalized before 2020? What is the worst that will happen to your privileged donkeys if you are not part and socialize for a few years?

You extend the pandemic, and daily bets pay for that. At least act as your care? Is it too much to ask? If this is the case, look at this documentary.

I think that will facilitate this process. If this is not the case, you are a soul lost and beyond repair. I do not expect you to cry from shame; however, if it does not marry you in any way, holy shit.

But even if you feel something, what will it happen?

Feeling something is probably the easy way out. Act on him. Then you will make a difference. Vote responsibly. Your votes to score brownie points in your WhatsApp group.

It shapes the country as we know. So, do not use it frivolously. You identify with a political leader who says Ki Woh Jhola Uthake Chal Padhenge is a bullshit bag. Why? Do you see it among the people he claims to represent?

No. Vote for those who you see among ordinary people or at least their vital interest in the heart. Do not vote for religion. Do not vote for caste. Do not vote for hatred.

Vote for the love of humanity because, and I can not insist enough that, humanity is at stake. I know you know everything that happened over the last year (I do not Come back before 7 or 14 years old). I know. So, stop claiming as you do not do it because of your prejudices and look at what your ignorance causes and act on it.

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Final verdict.

I could not bring me to criticize the craft behind 1232 kms. Honestly, I could not. Because it’s almost insignificant at this point, please do what you want to do with these points that I assigned to the movie.

But look at it when he releases on Disney + Hotstar VIP on March 24th. Tell your family, family, colleagues, and everyone you can contact to watch this because it’s something that happened within our country’s borders. It is, as the government likes to say, our internal question.

And it must be addressed, no matter how the government and the media of GODI want us to forget it. Make a gift to the extent possible so that the millions of homeless and unemployed people.

To get some help because the government will do nothing for them. To be empathetic. Vote responsibly. Remains healthy. Be careful. The pandemic is not over yet.