Madame Claude will be the first French Original movie on Netflix in 2021: All you need to know about the movie

Netflix will launch a new biographical drama film. This is the first film in the last 40 years that will focus on the famous French brothel’s life.

Mrs. Claude is the new upcoming French biographical drama directed by Sylvie Verheyde. The story was fully based on Madame Claude’s life, a very famous French brother’s guard.

Many films are based on Mrs. Claude but in the late 70s and early 80s. This time it’s about 40 years later for the next adaptation.

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Release date: When we can catch this film going live and can stream:

Based on the release, Madame Claude will be the first French original film on Netflix in 2021. Confirmed that Mrs. Claude will be available for streaming on Netflix on Friday, April 2, 2021.

About the Showman, aka Madame Claude! Let’s peep a bit inside her:

Madame Claude’s real name is Fernande Grudet. One of the most efficient, strong, and brothel French Paris guards in the early 1960s. He has also built a strong prostitution network in Paris.

He has become a very well-known face of strong political figures for celebrities and the Mafia gang members. The client he attended was mostly Shah Iran, John F. Kennedy, and former head of Fiat, Gianna Agnelli.

After extreme protection because of a police informant, his Empire began to destroy around him. After being broken and distorted by a French judge Jean Louis Bruguiere.

About all his kingdom, it began to collapse. He had pursued 11 million francs from unpaid taxes, but in the end, Mrs. Claude could escape to Los Angeles.

After several years, he returned to France. He was sentenced to four months in a small prison. But he did not change a little after release from prison.

He began to establish a new prostitution ring but was arrested. Later he was sent to the prison at Fleury-Melogis. Madame died in Nice on December 19, 2015, at the age of 92 years.

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The plot and the storyline of Madame Claude, what we can see and expect inside the film.

Madame Claude is a brothel developed in 1960 in Paris. He also has the strength and influence on the world of the criminal and political world of France. The empire he built is threatened by a prosperous teenage woman involving his staff.

The Star Cast of Madame Claude: A list of interesting people working on this project.

This film is featuring with and the following confirmed casts and stars:

  • Karole Rocher plays Fernande Grudet / Madame Claude Character
  • Roschdy Zem plays Jo Attia’s character
  • Garana Marillair plays Sidonie’s character
  • The character played by Pierre Delladonchamps is TBA.
  • Annabelle Belmondo (* debuted in Madame Claude *) is TBA.
  • The character played by Hafsia Herzi is TBA.
  • Joséphine de la Baume is TBA.
  • The character played by Mylène Jampano is TBA.
  • Lucile Jaillant plays Castel La Physio Chez’s character.
  • Liah O’Prey plays Virginie’s character
  • Paul Hamy plays André’s character
  • Lorenzo Harani plays the character of Homme Italien
  • Aleksandra Yermak is playing la Cliente Boutique’s character
  • Mathilde Moigno plays La Fille Envisagée’s character.
  • Lea Rostain plays Lola’s character.

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The place:

It is confirmed that the main photography started in early May 2019. Also, the shooting got completed after seven weeks on June 25, 2019. Shooting has occurred in Paris and also various locations along LLE-de-France, and finished in the city of France.

Controversy about the film:

Coming to Netflix in April 2020 is one of the first films in almost 40 years that will face the extraordinary life of the famous French brothel, Claude. Many rights and activists are praising this type of conceptual movie. Whereas many beurocrats are disgracing the feature. According to them, this type of cinema might hamper the minds of other people, especially children, and might lead them in the wrong direction and path with lots of delusion inside their head.