Bad Trip: A Netflix Comedy Flim that will take you on a comic journey

Everyone out there is waiting to have fun by watching a movie and choosing the best time comedy. A bad travel film is a combination of comedy along with a real hidden camera prank.

Hidden cameras summarize the two best friends who remove funny comedy and many public jokes who don’t realize it.

This film was released in the Video of the Prime Amazon. On April 17 and immediately taken home afterward. It’s on the website for a decent time to download and divulge things and make piracy videos.

Then, after a month, Netflix bought distribution rights from MGM. Therefore, leaks have no impact on the agreement.

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The plot of the movie: Bad Trip

This film is a comedy genre film. It is a pleasant film. Chris and Bud’s characters are the main role. Two friends while traveling to New York, what happened?

Chris and Bud created the film story as showing them was one of the best decisions. Chris and Bud provide the best performance to entertain. It looks like the output is good by looking at the trailer. The storyline sets a real surprising joke.

Apart from Chris and Bud, we found Trina and Maria in the film. Where Trina tries to act as a sister for Bud, and Maria is a person who invites Chris to New York.

Chris has a main crush because he managed to go to New York for Maria’s call. The adventure trip will be the best funny part of this film, and the film rotates around it.

As a trailer, many questions left behind, will Chris meet Maria? Will he express his love? Why does Trina rob a shop? What is Trina? Where is Bud when Trina does a robbery? How did Chris involve in everything? What is the way? Will Bud and Trina, and Chris travel?

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Talking about the trailer of Bad Trip

The trailer gives quite a great glimpse of the film, where the film innovates real people, real emotions, how to reach people when shooting and captured through hidden cameras.

It seems like every joke is captured well. Watching a bad trip will give some an enjoyable experience because of the right people’s reaction because no one knows it is a joke.

The Star Cast of the film Bad Trip:

Eric Andre as Chris Carey. Lil Rail Howery as a budota bud. Tiffany Haddish as Trina Malone. Michaela Conlin as Maria Li. Kinao Sakuri directs the film by adding more sense of humor and comedy life. At the same time, Ludwig Goranson gave one of his best pieces of music for this film.

Other actors who also lead a good role in the film are Gerald Espinoza, Kaleila Johnson, Micheal Starr, Yvette Tucker, Allan Graf, Kevin Cassidy, Corry Demeyers, Charles Green, Henry Wang, Greg Smithaldre, Adam Meir, Dimitry Elyashkevich, Guillermo Dionisio, Insfran de Fazio, Giovanna and, Marisa Harba Durrant, Walsh Forest.

The movie is set to premiere soon:

A bad trip will release worldwide on March 14, 2020. But got canceled due to the Covid pandemic. Then scheduled again for a release in April.

But accidentally released on Amazon Prime and removed. In May 2020, it sold to Netflix, even though the leak did not affect sales. Netflix announced that Bad Trip will release on March 26, 2021. The film runtime will be 1 hour 24 minutes.

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Talking about the possible controversies:

With any film, will leave almost some things on the floor of the cut room and, when I recently talked to Eric Andre and Lil ‘Merund about their work on a bad trip, they revealed some jokes that did not make in the film. Andre remembered the interest with Chris Rock before revealing a spooky action.

Eric Andre, Chris Rock, and Lil ‘Rail Hayery is a tough comedy talent, so, surprisingly, cannot withdraw such a joke. However, everything can be complicated when it comes to hidden camera pranks because unexpected circumstances can sometimes prevent plans.

In addition to Chris Rock Prank, the Satan ownership action also sounds crazy. It seems both truly committed, especially because they are even willing to bring a pastor. Lil ‘the hotel rail is open about even more jokes, and it looks like a fabric man is strongly influenced by a fake supernatural experience.