Get The Goat: A plot with humorous action to make you laugh

Gather two controversial characters as they try to uncover evil, and you have a great action-comedy, or at least it looks like the creators of “Take the Goat” think so.

However, the film is less oriented towards the police genre and more towards classic jokes. The two naïve protagonists are dumb with oil and get into more trouble for their own incompetence.

Get Goat is, therefore, for the most part, a movie of ridiculous jokes. However, that good dose of corn carried several successful moments with it.

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The Storyline of the movie Get The Goat:

Take the Goat’s main joke is that the two leading cops are the furthest away from the notorious cop. Bruceilis likes to believe he has the power and authority to overthrow any conspiracy.

He has no experience because of his lonely city; Trindide doesn’t want a life as a cop and happily tries to avoid missions, duty officer.

Their friendship between the two is a comedy in itself, and director Vitor Brand seems to be perfecting it.

And as the title suggests, a goat sits near Bruceilis’s heart. After the police lost his goat to criminals. He traveled across the country to other areas to get his goat back.

He discovers an intertwined drug cartel and, together with his new partner Trinidad, sets himself the task of overthrowing them. Goat gag is not the essence of the film.

Get the Goat from Netflix is ​​coming in waves. Some scenes are provocative, while others grab your attention and get a few smiles from the audience.

This comedy isn’t too much fun, but it’s enough to keep the story interesting. The script relies heavily on jokes to ensure something bold happens in every scene. Going back to the previous statement. The selling point is the story of two cops who don’t have to be cops.

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They manage to escape and reach the final act. Fortunately, the cast seemed to be enjoying themselves. Which resonated with the audience. It’s far from being a perfect comedy, but it does feature a silly but simple police adventure.

The review of the movie Get The Goat:

In this Brazilian political event, Agent Bruceilis (pronounced Bruce Willis). It uncovers a major conspiracy when the goat which is supposed to be in care gets stolen.

When Celestina Goat, also a member of the council. It is kidnapped by criminals, Bruceilis is forced to go to the big city to investigate.

Here he meets Trindade, who is held responsible by all the police for a colleague’s death. These two losers are caught up in a criminal conspiracy they can’t seem to reconcile.

The plot is ridiculous, but of course, that’s not in the film. Manufacturers never waste time joking around. As a result, many characters are exaggerating, and many jokes are failing.

Like a cop shooting to a pleasant beat with pleasant music underneath. There’s little room for finesse in humor. It plays the exaggerated role of a suspect’s “bad cop.”

Still, it’s hard to judge humor from other cultures. There are large and subtle differences between countries. Many jokes, such as repeated local jokes.

In addition to comedy, Get the Goat has succeeded in doing a comedy act. That is not inferior to its Hollywood counterparts in terms of viewing.

However, Take the Goat remains a dark entity, where nothing special is really happening. After all, it is easiest to identify the goat. It’s a confusing appearance because the purpose of the film remains a mystery.

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Talking about the cast of the movie Get The Goat:

  • Victor Allen
  • Evelyn Castro
  • Juliano Cazarré
  • Falcão
  • Edmilson Filhoas Bruceuilis
  • Soren Hellerupas SergioP etrov
  • Letícia Lima
  • Renan Medeiros
  • Matheus Nachtergaele as Trindade
  • Eyrio Okura
  • Leandro Ramos
  • Jéssica Tamochunas
  • Valéria Vitoriano